KnowledgeBase Manager Pro Feature Tour

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Customizable User-friendly Interface
Common and intuitive interface elements provide maximum ease of use.
 Web 2.0 and Ajax Experience
Enjoy powerful, good-looking software based on modern and fast web techniques.
Multilingual Interface
Multiple interface languages supported both in admin and public areas. You can add or edit one easily!
  LDAP Integration and Authorization
Allow your staff to login to Knowledge Base Manager Pro using existing LDAP authentication system.
Content Management
Create Articles Anywhere
Share knowledge using powerful WYSIWYG editor with advanced article options.
 Category Management
Enjoy easy drag-and-drop category management with inline editing.
Quick Add & Edit
Add new knowledge and edit existing entries while browsing your knowledge base.
 Media Content
Add images, flash and video content.
Enhance your knowledge base by adding attachments to articles.
 Related Articles
Use both manual and automatic linking of related articles.
Version History
Roll back to one of the previous article versions if necessary.
 Drafts and Auto-saving
Have incomplete data? – create draft. Writing an article? – it will be auto-saved periodically.
Article Edit Locking
Transparent mechanism for simultaneous article editing prevention.
Term explanation on mouse over and separate page of glossary terms.
Scheduled Publishing
Manage article visibility according to date.
 Article Templates/Snippets
Create reusable parts for quick insertion into your articles.
Spell Check
Get rid of accidental typos in your articles.
 Simple Workflow
Use simple article approval system.
SEO Tools
Meta Tags
Use meta tags for articles and categories and improve ranking and search results of your knowledge base.
 SE Friendly and User Friendly URLs
URLs that talk for themselves and improve Search Engine ranking.
Improve indexation efficiency of your knowledge base by Google and other search engines.
Custom Fields
Increase depth of knowledge organization and filtration with searchable custom fields.
 Styling and Settings of Knowledgebase
Quickly fine-tune front-end knowledgebase look and options.
Use one of the professionally designed themes or create unique theme for your knowledge base and integrate it to your web site.
 Template Editor
Fully customizable HTML and CSS parts of knowledgebase templates for complex customization.
Custom Voting
You can create article rating form with your own style.
 RTL Front-end Templates
Use right-to-left languages layout in your knowledge base.
Backend User Experience
Launch almost every feature from the Dashboard.
 Bulk Operations
Perform group operations on any data stored in your knowledgebase.
Filter anywhere by anything.
 Instant Search
Instant search in modules.
Global Search
Quickly find anything from any place.
 Module Preferences
Customize your workspace as you like.
Search Engine Options
Customize search engine options according to your preferences.
Frontend User Experience
Powerful Search
Find any item in your knowledge base.
 User Favorites
Select articles to have at your fingertips.
Featured Articles
Attract attention to valuable content.
 Active Response
Decrease quantity of questions with Active Response!
Allow visitors to subscribe to articles, article categories and comments.
Improve quality of customer support with various feedback mechanisms.
Email to a Friend
Share an articles with a friend.
Print knowledgebase articles in one click.
Search Experience
Searchable Attachments
Fully integrate documents into your knowledge base.
 Instant Search Suggest
Use quick suggestions for fast navigation to searched item.
Advanced Permissions and Security
Access Modes
Different access mode settings for front-end.
 Flexible Access Schemes
There are plenty of different access schemes you can realize with KnowledgeBase Manager Pro.
Create groups with custom permissions to help you with knowledgebase management or restrict access to content.
 Multiple Users
Add users to fill and manage your knowledgebase.
Staff and Client Users
Provide employees and customers with appropriate level of access to the knowledge base.
 Front-end Authorization
Convenient reading + access to restricted content.
Single Sign-On
Let your users to have one login for everything, login once to access everything including KMP.
KB Publishing and Information Sharing
RSS Syndication for Everything
Distribute knowledge base articles using built-in RSS syndication.
 Publish Knowledgebase
Knowledgebase that you created can be published on unlimited number of websites, local or remote.
Share a Single Article
Integrate separate articles to your website.
 Category Publication
Share knowledge branches.
Auto Related Widget
Relate any pages from your websites to knowledge base.
 Integration with Support Systems
Integrate powerful knowledge base with the ticket system that you’re using.
Relate any pages from your websites to knowledge base.
 Export to PDF
Export your articles as PDF documents with no hassle.
Administrative Features
Installation Wizard
Installation Wizard provides guided installation of Knowledgebase Manager Pro.
Easy update of the software via web interface when new version comes out.
Import existing knowledge and documents using the import wizard.
 Email Harvesting
Harvest all user emails left in your system.
Backup entire database from the control panel.
 Recycle Bin
You can see all deleted items and recover them.
Get an overview of how staff, customers and partners are using knowledge base.
A list of taboo words helps you to avoid unwanted words in comments.
Articles Rating Trends
Track article rating changes.
 Installation API
Perform automated installations using API interface.
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