Business Knowledge Management

Knowledge is the most strategically significant resource of a firm. Knowledge-based resources are usually difficult to imitate and socially complex, therefore usage of effective knowledge management in business is the major determinant of sustained competitive advantage and superior corporate performance.

What are benefits of usage specialized software for knowledge management in business?

Knowledge management software usage helps you make good use of your company’s most important intellectual capital – the information possessed by employees.

Number of specific factors determines how necessary usage knowledge management in business is:

  • Marketplaces are increasingly competitive and the rate of innovation is rising
  • Reductions in staffing create a need to replace informal knowledge with formal methods
  • Competitive pressures reduce the size of the work force that holds valuable business knowledge
  • The amount of time available to experience and acquire knowledge has diminished
  • Early retirements and increasing mobility of the work force lead to loss of knowledge
  • Changes in strategic direction may result in the loss of knowledge in a specific area

These factors show how integration of knowledge management and business is becoming essential for successful company. And it’s not a problem just for large corporations. Small business knowledge management needs formal approaches even more, because small companies doesn’t have the market leverage, inertia, and resources that big companies do. They have to be much more flexible, more responsive, and make more effective decisions — because even small mistakes in small business knowledge management can be fatal to them.

And this is where business knowledge management software comes in handy.

Business knowledge management before Knowledge Base Manager Pro and using Knowledge Base Manager Pro

What do you lack in current Business Knowledge Management Software?

If you already use software for business intelligence and knowledge management, you might face some shortcomings:

  • Poor toolset for knowledge creation and presentation
  • Difficult partitioning of restricted and public data
  • No tools for creation of technicalities reference

Business intelligence and knowledge management with Knowledge Base Manager Pro

Using our business knowledge management software represents the primary opportunity for achieving substantial savings, significant improvements in human performance, and competitive advantage.

WYSIWYG editor

When you work with our wide-functional WYSIWYG article editor, it is like using MS Word. You can change font face, size, color, highlighting, text alignment, indent, etc. Multiple file attachments can be added along with the images, flash, or video embedded on a page. There is also allowed editing of article html code.

Flexible permissioning

Security always comes as a major factor in knowledge management and business. That’s why flexible category and document access permissions scheme in Knowledge Base Manager Pro allows distribution of access rights between clients, partners, and staff.

Terms glossary

Any time one of your customers hover his mouse over a described term, he sees explanation in a balloon tip. Terms are also gathered in searchable glossary for quick acquaintance.

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