PHP Knowledge Base Manager Pro – System Requirements

Requirements to use PHP Knowledge Base Manager Pro

PHP Knowledge Base Manager Pro is available as a download for you to install on your web server. PHP Knowledge Base Manager Pro can be installed using the built-in installation wizard after uploading its files onto web server. We offer optional same day installation for small additional fee.

Hosted version is also available. With Hosted version you do not need to install the product. You get it up and running after purchase.

User Requirements – Front-end and Admin parts of PHP Knowledge Base

PHP Knowledge Base Manager Pro can be used with any web browser.

  • Operating System: Any Windows, Mac, Linux or Unix
  • Web Browser: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, or Google Chrome.

Web Server Software Requirements

  • Operating System: Any Windows, Linux or Unix
  • Web Server: Any Apache, IIS, LigHTTPD or nginx
  • Scripting Language: PHP v5.3.*, v5.4.*, v5.5.*, or v5.6.*
  • Database: MySQL 5.1 or higher OR Microsoft SQL 2005 or higher
  • Optional free 3rd-party components are used for attachments indexation. These components are free and available on both Unix-like and Windows systems.

If you are not aware of the details above, contact directly your web hosting provider company or system administrator. You may also find this information in your hosting package details.

Refer to our knowledge base for more detailed software requirements including all required and optional modules and settings.

Recommended Hardware Requirements

Knowledgebase Manager Pro works well on any web-server that meets its software requirements. This is definitely not a processor- or memory-hungry application. Numerous instances of Knowledgebase Manager Pro are running on shared web hosting (virtual hosting) at this very moment and serve great. You can install it on a shared hosting too.

If you would like to use a dedicated hosting or host it on a local server, you can use hardware requirements and example specifications for a reference.

Clustering in KnowledgeBase Manager Pro

Clustering in Knowledgebase Manager Pro is the same as clustering in any other web application. You can learn more about it in our knowledge base.

PHP Knowledge Base Manager Pro is easy to install and configure!

Installation Wizard provides guided installation of PHP KnowledgeBase Manager Pro.

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