Media Content

Add images, flash and video content

Knowledge is not about articles and documents only. What if you want to post business graphics, project charts, development schemes, sketches, video lessons, product photos, flash movies, or video podcasts? No problem. You can do it simply with KnowledgeBase Manager Pro.

Just click one of three buttons while you edit an article.

Add media. Buttons on toolbar.

It will open media gallery.

Media library

You can upload an image from your PC.

Upload image

Or even multiple images at a time.

Upload multiple images

It is also possible to use image from some website by URL.

Get image by URL

You can set special attributes for inserted object of each media type.

Flash object properties

Each media object is embedded directly to an article. If you want to attach some files for user to download, refer to attachments feature.

You should not allow users to upload any files due to security concerns. With the help of mime type check they are allowed to upload certain media file types only. Default setting covers most popular types of media files, but you can add more if necessary.

Allowed mime types setting
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