Customizable User-friendly Interface

Knowledgebase Manager Pro features customizable user-friendly interface. Common and intuitive interface elements provide maximum ease of use. User does not require retraining to start using Knowledgebase Manager Pro.

There is a table preferences window for each data table where you can customize visibility of data columns, action and group action buttons look, amount of records per page and some other settings for specific tables.

Grid settings

Amount of records shown per page can be also changed by dragging of the bottom table border:

Drag bottom border to change size of data grid

Each user has specific language, time zone, time and date format settings. It is also possible to change look of all data tables at once.


You can also change interface language.

Tips in control panel and main menu

We made Knowledge Base Manager Pro intuitive and user-friendly, but each new feature tries to make it more complicated. That’s why we added optional tips for each menu item and each section with enough information to find sought-for function.

Main Menu With Tips

It is possible to add an article, category, user, or user group from any place. Just two clicks on main menu are enough.

Add Article Button

Tooltips are enabled by default, but you may turn them off when become familiar enough with the application.

Main Menu Without Tips

When you navigate to some section of application, you can see small information messages showing description of this section.

Information messages

These messages can be disabled in user preferences, or temporarily hided when you click on them.

It is easy to find a category or an article within a branchy tree since each tree has expand/collapse button for your convenience.

Expand/Collapse tree button

When you resize a sidebar, its position is saved. This becomes extremely convenient when you travel between modules often – you do not need to resize sidebars width each time anymore if you for example stretched it in order to see your large category tree.

The width of a resizable sidebar is saved
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