Multilingual Application

Multiple languages supported by application

All language-dependent strings — like labels, help entries or button names — are stored in separate language profiles. You can pick up another language profile to change the application language. Application and Public Area languages can be changed separately for each user and for each publication. This means that you can use application in English and your knowledgebase visitors can use it in German, for example.

Knowledgebase Manager Pro has inline module for interface translation. Language profile creation window shows original strings in English on the left and fields for translated strings on the right.

Language profile editing

You can also export language profile to a file, edit it in your favorite plain-text editor, and then import it to application. It might be handful if you are going to translate the interface while being offline, for example.

You can easily change languages on the fly. Application will reload in a few seconds after language change.

We are glad to receive language files from you. Such contributions make easier usage of Knowledgebase Manager Pro for your co-speakers. We include these profiles to product updates. Latest versions of translations are always available in our knowledge base:

  • EnglshEnglsh English
  • French French
  • German German
  • Russian Russian
  • Brazilian PortuguesePortuguese Brazilian Portuguese
  • Hebrew Hebrew
  • Spanish Spanish
  • Turkish Turkish
  • Italian Italian (front-end translation)
  • Polish Polish (front-end translation)
  • ChinaTaiwanChinese
  • Japanese Japanese

There is also support for right-to-left user interface for languages written beginning on the right hand side.

Knowledgebase Manager Pro supports not only languages customization, but Voting Customization and Styles Customization as well.

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