Hosted Knowledge Base Service

Best Help Desk Software for Customer SupportFocus on your business, get your own hosted knowledge base today!

  • Full featured hosted knowledge base
  • No IT infrastructure required
  • Nothing to install or configure
  • Always up to date system and software
  • Dedicated instance, managed backups
  • Enterprise class servers and connection
  • Pay as you go, no long term contracts

Powerful Search, LDAP, Web 2.0,
Search-able Attaches, Easy to Use


Available in American English English French German Russian Brazilian Portuguese Portuguese Hebrew Spanish Turkish Italian Polish and supports Right to Left (RTL) Languages.

Hosted Knowledge Base Service that Saves Your Time & Money

With hosted knowledge base you don’t need to worry about any technical stuff – you can just do your work. We take care about installation, updates, backups, security, and everything needed to help you stay focused on your business.

Reliable Hosted Knowledgebase for Your Business

When you use our knowledge base hosting, your data is stored on secure, always-updated, backed-up daily enterprise-class servers.

With knowledge base service there’s nothing to download or install.

Your data is automatically backed up daily by knowledgebase hosting. Each backup is stored for 28 days. You can also request manual backup from us at any moment.

We use our hosted knowledgebase everyday and we store all our sensitive, confidential data on the same servers that our customers use.

Convenient Knowledge Management Service for You

You can get any desired sub-domain name or use your own domain name for your knowledge base hosting.

You’ll never ask if hosted knowledge base software is compatible with your server. It is accessible from any platform with a web browser and internet connection. Mac, Windows, Linux are all supported.

It is easy to start using our knowledge management service. Monthly fee starts from as low as $50 and you receive two months free if you select the annual payment option.

External LDAP such as Active Directory users can be seamlessly integrated giving you single sign-on (SSO) across your hosted knowledge base and your company services and programs.

Unbeatable Set of Features for Knowledge Base Hosting

  • Completely web-based
  • Web 2.0 and AJAX experience
  • Customizable user-friendly interface
  • Multilingual interface
  • LDAP (Active Directory) integration
  • Powerful search (NLS & Stemming)
  • Search in attached documents
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Sitemap generation
  • API
 Content Management
  • WYSIWYG editing
  • Spell checking
  • Drag-n-drop category management
  • Drag-n-drop upload of media files
  • Drag-n-drop upload of attachments
  • Drafts and auto-saving
  • Quick content mgmt in front-end
  • Add images, flash and media
  • Unlimited attachments
  • Scheduled publishing
  • Version history with comparison
  • Manual and auto related articles
  • Simultaneous editing prevention
  • Glossary of terms
  • Inline editing and auto-completers
  • Predefined and editable styles
  • Easy article linking
  • 12 custom field types for articles
  • User profile fields
  • Quick front-end styling settings
  • Predefined front-end themes
  • Create your own themes
  • Template editor without limits
  • Custom voting style and scale
 Back-end User Experience
  • Dashboard
  • Useful data filters
  • Instant module search
  • Global search
  • Bulk operations on data
  • Per module user preferences
  • Global user preferences
 Front-end User Experience
  • Powerful search
  • Featured articles
  • User favorite articles
  • Suggest articles upon new request
  • Ratings for articles
  • Negative rating reason
  • Email to a friend function
  • Email subscription to anything
  • RSS Syndication for anything
  • PDF Export
  • Print an article function
 Permissions and Security
  • Various access modes
  • Flexible access schemes
  • Multiple users and groups
  • Front-end authorization
  • LDAP support
  • User registration
  • SSL support
 Publishing and Information Sharing
  • Publish knowledgebase
  • Share a single article
  • Category publication
  • Auto-related articles widget
 Administrative Features
  • Reporting and statistics
  • Article rating trends
  • Article recovery
  • Censoring for comments
  • Easy installation wizard
  • Easy updates with built-in updater
  • Harvested emails module
  • Import existing knowledge base
  • Manual and automated backups
  • User preferences control
  • Huge variety of other settings
 SEO Tools
  • Use meta tags to improve ranking
  • SEO friendly links
  • PageRank saving on title change

See the feature tour for a complete overview of hosted knowledge management features or try online demo.

Advantages of Hosted Knowledge Base by WSS

  • Nothing to download
  • Safe, secure, backed-up
  • No administration hassles
  • Savings on infrastructure
  • Access from anywhere
  • Works on Mac, PC, Linux
  • No “IT Guy” required
  • Easy to start with
  • Always up-to-date
  • Dedicated (non-shared) instance of hosted knowledge base software
  • Integration for your existing users directory (LDAP, Active Directory, etc)
  • Knowledge base accessible via subdomain by your choice or your own domain
  • All installation and update services are provided for free
  • All required server components are already installed for knowledgebase hosting
  • Pay as you go, no long term contracts
  • No setup or hidden fees
  • SSL support

Compare WSS Hosted Knowledge Base VS Owned

Find out which version is right for you.

No IT infrastructure required Yes
Managed installation & configuration Yes
Managed upgrades Yes
Managed backups Yes
One-time feeYes 
Low starting fee Yes
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In all other aspects Owned and Hosted versions are identical. Refer to the Features List for a quick overview of KnowledgeBase Manager Pro features available in all versions and licenses.

Hosted Knowledge Base Plans and Pricing

Knowledge Base Plan
Hosted (monthly)
Hosted (annual)
5 Staff Accounts$50$500
10 Staff & 100 Client Accounts$100$1,000
25 Staff & 500 Client Accounts$150$1,500
50 Staff & 1,000 Client Accounts$225$2,250
100 Staff & 5,000 Client Accounts$300$3,000
250 Staff & 10,000 Client Accounts$500$5,000
500 Staff & 100,000 Client Accounts$700$7,000
1,000 Staff & Unlimited Client Accounts$1,000$10,000
2,500 Staff & Unlimited Client Accounts$1,200$12,000
5,000 Staff & Unlimited Client Accounts$1,500$15,000
10,000 Staff & Unlimited Client Accounts$2,000$20,000
Unlimited Accountsneed more? – contact us for custom terms
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Disk space and bandwidth of your hosted knowledge base are not limited.

All prices are in United States Dollars (USD).

Receive two months free if you select the annual payment option.

Monthly subscriptions are by credit card only.

Who Uses WSS Knowledge Management Service?

WSS Knowledgebase Service Customers

More than 30,000 customers use WSS products every day, want to see more featured customers?

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The best way to check WSS Knowledge Base Service in action is to try online demo. You can also take the video tour as a quick start before demo that will provide you with basic steps and features of help desk knowledge base. For complete feature set you can follow the feature tour with more detailed descriptions.

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