Template Editor

Fully customizable html and css parts of public knowledgebase layout

Powerful built-in template editor will help you to customize public area layout making it look exactly as you wish (for example, it can match your website design). Customization includes two parts:

Editing of templates: layouts, blocks, and snippets

Knowledge Base Manager Pro frontend uses one of the 14 layouts at a time. Layout defines placement of elements on a page. Each layout corresponds to page type: Glossary layout, BrowseCategory layout, AdvancedSearch layout, Article layout. It has whole page structure inside, thus defining the general layout.

Each layout includes blocks and snippets for greater simplicity and flexibility.

Block is a part of layout, which has its own structure and is usually shown in several places. That’s why blocks are separated from layouts. This enables us to edit block in one place, but apply changes to every single place where this block may appear. Examples of blocks are: CommentFormBlock, MenuBlock, SearchBlock, CommentsListBlock.

Snippets are short elements that usually have simple structure. They may contain text, code for image inserting, or repeatable element (for example, user comment snippet – CommentsUserListSnippet – that may be repeated in CommentsListBlock if there are several comments added to some article).

Editing of CSS

CSS code is editable and well-commented in order to help you with tuning of knowledge base design.

Our customers manage to customize their knowledge bases and fully integrate them with corporate website design.

We also provide template customization services. You can order customization from us to save your time and get professionally created theme that matches your website design and spirit. You can see the results of themes customization made both by us and by our clients at the Customizations Gallery.

You can check live customized knowledge bases owned by our customers and powered by Knowledgebase Manager Pro.

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