Instant Registration for Your Private Demo of KnowledgeBase Manager Pro

We have setup a restricted online demo of Knowledge Manager Pro for you to try. You can access both the public area that is used by your knowledgebase viewers (staff or clients) in full version, and also the control panel where you can manage content and settings.

You can access the online demo either by submitting the registration form below with your name and email, or by clicking on the “Skip” button. We highly recommend you to register with your real email because in this case you will get the following benefits:

  • You will be notified about account expiration and will be able to extend it.
  • We will send you some materials so you would get acquainted with the product in no time.
  • You can recover your password if you lost it.

We promise not to spam you.

Each demo account is active during 30 days. Please contact sales if you would like to extend this period, require guided demonstration with our specialist or for any other reason.


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