Form Mail & Form Generator Suite

Whatever they call it: form builder, form creator or form generator, you found it!

The Form Maker Pro is truly the snazziest web application for creating usable and great-looking web site forms. With its powerful and intuitive interface you can easily build custom web forms and add them to your site. It has never been so fast and easy. With over 5,000 users worldwide, Form Maker Pro offers a mass of useful features to take full advantage of your web site forms.Moreover, Form Maker Pro contains presets and templates, so you can have a simple form created and running in 10 minutes only!

Numerous clients confirmed that Form Maker Pro is a perfect solution for:

  • Contact form, feedback form, or simple form-to-email
  • Evaluation form, form with file attachments
  • Registration form, multiple page application form, online survey
  • Order form with math calculations, online subscription form.

Using Form Maker Pro, you can create any kind of web forms for your web site. Let your imagination drive it.

Aside from graphic WYSIWYG form editor, Form Maker Pro contains advanced form processor module that automatically handles all forms you create. From technical point, Form Maker Pro supports many useful features, such as SSL (protocol for secure data transferring), email harvesting protection, in-built data search, filters, and export to CSV and/or MySQL.Finally, once you purchase Form Maker Pro, you own it forever. No matter how many web forms you create with it, you don’t need to pay annoying monthly fees or upgrade to more expensive payment plans.

Already have web forms generated but need a form processor (formmail) script?

Order Form Processor Pro and pay for processing web forms only. Form Processor Pro will be hosted on your server, so you will have exclusive full control to all settings. The script proves its flexibility, so you can configure it to work with any web form of your choice, or even use it as a core for a simple shopping cart. Form Processor Pro is available in PHP and Perl versions. Check the comparison table to make the right choice.
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Form Maker Pro