LDAP Integration and Authorization

Allow your staff to login to Knowledge Base Manager Pro using existing LDAP authentication system.

LDAP platforms supported by Knowledge Management System. Active Directory

LDAP stands for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, and allows usage of single user account directory to login to various applications. KnowledgeBase Manager Pro supports LDAP authentication in full. Your administrator won’t need to create account for each user – just connect to LDAP server, map LDAP directory groups and KnowledgeBase Manager Pro groups, and retrieve users with full account information in one click.

As well as integration, user account details can be synched and LDAP groups can be mapped with KnowledgeBase Manager Pro groups for role-based permissions.

LDAP Settings allowed in Knowledge Base Software

You can use existing LDAP server to manage user integration and authentication with following options:

  • Authorization
  • Group Mapping
  • Synchronization of User Details
  • Synchronization of Groups
  • User Group Assignment
  • LDAP version 3 support
  • And much more is available with LDAP support now.
Business Knowledge Management Software with support of LDAP and Active Directory

Supported LDAP platforms: Microsoft Active Directory, Novell, SMB/SAMBA, Posix, Posix Bis

TLS cryptographic protocol also supported and provides security and data integrity for communications with LDAP directory server.

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