Publish Knowledgebase

Multiple knowledge base publishing goals

Knowledgebase that you created can be published on unlimited number of websites, local or remote.

Knowledgebase Manager Pro provides several different publication profile types. With their help you can group generated pages settings like:

  • Interface language, date and time format and time zone
  • Page appearance style, including graphical design, elements arrangement and color scheme
  • More than 30 different functional settings of generated pages

This functionality includes toggling visibility of different blocks (search, navigation, voting, comments form, etc), functions (article printing, CAPTCHA protection against automated software submissions, etc), fine-tuned formatting and limitations management.

It is allowed to create unlimited number of Publication Profiles. Special code is generated for knowledgebase integration to any kind of websites.

Application is shipped with special Hosted Publication Profile. Due to this profile knowledgebase is being published automatically in the same web directory where Knowledgebase Manager Pro is installed.

Moreover, Knowledgebase Manager Pro allows creation of publication profiles of four types:

First one helps to publish the whole knowledge base as a multi-functional article directory:

Full Knowledgebase Publishing

Second profile type supports publishing of knowledge base branch containing multiple articles and subcategories. Third profile type provides sharing of any single article to any web page. Forth profile allows semantic linking of existing website content with knowledgebase articles.

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