Knowledge Base Software

The basic purpose of knowledgebase software is distribution of knowledge in a consistent and user-friendly format to the appropriate person in a timely manner to complete a specific business task.

Knowledge Database Software goals and objectives

Computer program that catalogs, indexes, locates, retrieves, and stores data, maintains its integrity, and outputs it in the form desired by a user – this is what Knowledge Database Software stands for. It is also referenced as Knowledge Base Software, or Knowledgebase software.

Knowledgebase software is designed for creation of human-readable knowledge bases to allow people to retrieve and use the knowledge they contain. Usage of knowledge base software for sharing information among employees or to complement a help desk is common. Knowledge database software might store troubleshooting information, articles, white papers, user manuals, or answers to frequently asked questions. Typically, a search engine is used to locate information in the system, or users may browse through a classification scheme.

Benefits of Knowledge Base Software usage

Usage of knowledge base software for your organization always grants real benefits:

  • Improves the level of sharing and take-up of new ways of working
  • Preventing the repetition of mistakes, and wheel-reinvention
  • Improves identification and transfer of good practices
  • Creating a culture of continuous improvement and learning

Web based knowledge database software provides additional advantages due to its nature:

  • Easy access to online knowledge base software for employees, clients and partners from all over the world.
  • Platform-undependable, so that end-user needs browser only to work with online knowledge base software

Knowledge base management before Knowledge Base Manager Pro and using Knowledge Base Manager Pro

Are you satisfied with your current Knowledge Base Software?

If you find these disadvantages in knowledgebase software you currently use, it is time to migrate to web based knowledge base software:

  • Intranet knowledgebase software may be used without restrictions within corporate network only.
  • Homogeneous knowledge bases (e.g. image database, text database) prevent usage of mixed presentation medium

KnowledgeBase Manager Pro features and advantages

Our best knowledge base software enables the combination of unstructured information sources, such as individual word processed documents and .pdf formats, graphic illustrations, unstructured notes, website links, invoices, and other information bearing collections, such as a simple thought, through to a combination of millions of interactions from a website, and through that combination enables the seeker to obtain knowledge that otherwise would not have been discovered.

Web Based Knowledge Base Software (PHP Knowledge Base Software)

Web based knowledge base software (it is actually PHP knowledge base software to be more precise) is available from office, from home, when you travel on business, or when you sit in a park. All you need is internet connection and your favorite browser.

Numerous ways for presentation medium

Each knowledge article of our best knowledge base software features images, business graphics, video and flash, and office documents besides rich text with hyperlinks. Articles are semantically linked for better navigation, and hovering on unfamiliar word from glossary shows its explanation in a tooltip.

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