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  • Manage company knowledge base
  • Decrease customer support costs
  • Turn customer feedback into quality
  • Hold discussions on ideas or content
  • Create online help and documentation with

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FAQ Software

FAQs are indispensable and essential complement to any information presented on company website.

What are benefits of FAQ Systems usage?

Interaction with clients and partners goes a long way for each company. The main activity within the interaction is information exchange. FAQ software is commonly used today to improve efficiency of information exchange. It provides partners and customers with answers to most common questions even before contacting company representatives.

FAQ management before Knowledge Base Manager Pro and using Knowledge Base Manager Pro

What do you lack in your current FAQ Application?

Two pillars of FAQ tools concept are easiness of new FAQ articles creation and potentiality to improve answers with the help of user feedback.

The other problem that FAQ tool must solve is that your website visitors knows better than anybody else which questions they would want to ask. They must have a tool to submit new questions or even to suggest answers.

It is quite common for most FAQ applications to have at least one of the following shortcomings:

  • Necessity and at the same time difficulty of access to corporate website for people who are involved in FAQ creation.
  • Users can’t help themselves when new questions arise.
  • Lack of feedback mechanisms for articles improvement.

Why Knowledge Base Manager Pro works perfect as an FAQ Software?

Knowledge Base Manager Pro includes every feature that you may look for in FAQs Manager.

Easy Integration

It requires access to a corporate website only once – when you add there several pieces of pre-generated code. After that create questions and answers via PHP FAQ System control panel and they will be automatically and immediately published on your company website.

User-Generated Questions

Website visitor searches for a particular information that is not covered in current FAQ version. Knowledge Base Manager Pro, as a perfect FAQs Software, helps visitor to submit his question to system. Somebody of the registered users adds answer to the question in one click. New article is published immediately and visitor receives answer to his email.

Feedback Tools

Feedback tools are already became “must have” feature for any Frequently Asked Questions Software. Our FAQ System do not step aside either. Users may leave comments to questions thus helping to improve them or telling that the answers are already perfect. Rating system helps to compare article helpfulness. Negative rating feature asks user for a reasons when it sets low rating for the article. Views counter shows more or less popular questions.

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