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Knowledge Base Software Launch your own corporate wikipedia!

  • Organize enterprise wiki server
  • Share corporate information easily
  • Collaborate on documents and content online
  • Manage company knowledge base
  • Create online help and documentation
  • Hold discussions on ideas or content
  • Publish to intranet or extranet with

Innovative Enterprise Wiki and
Knowledge Base Software

by WebSite-Scripts.com

Available in American English English French German Russian Brazilian Portuguese Portuguese Hebrew Spanish Turkish Italian Polish and supports Right to Left (RTL) Languages.

Wiki Software

Wiki is a collection of web pages designed to enable anyone who accesses it to contribute or modify content.

How can Business Wiki Software help to improve corporate knowledge?

The example of Wikipedia shows how good the wikipedia software conception is for creation and improving of knowledge until it become exhaustive and perfect. When multiple authors collaborate on content, they cover different approaches and points of view. Each author involved in wiki knowledge creation and improvement gives more details, more preciseness, more examples, and greater depth.

Why do you need Enterprise Wiki Software?

Common knowledge management system sustains centralized information management. Supervisor assigns task to create articles on different topics to his subordinates and then check up on their work. This approach leads to following limitations:

  • Centralized knowledge creation only
  • One author – one article

Wikipedia Software grants equal opportunities for everyone who has access to it. If one has anything to say on topic, he can contribute to corporate knowledge improvement.

Wiki knowledge before Knowledge Base Manager Pro and using Knowledge Base Manager Pro

How Knowledge Base Manager Pro can work as Wikipedia Software?

KnowledgeBase Manager Pro, being the best enterprise wiki software, supports authorization in public area that allows to edit articles while viewing them. Administrator can easily track changes and roll-back article to one of the previous versions. Availability of the flexible access management scheme and separated categories publishing helps to segregate knowledge base to wiki and non-wiki parts if necessary.

Using Wiki Software: centralized and decentralized

For centralized knowledge management you can represent company hierarchy by category structure. Each department has corresponding category with articles and subcategories. Employees can view all articles using wiki software, but are able to make changes to the articles of their department.

In case of decentralized knowledge management, right to change articles is granted to each user. To guard content against mistakes and incorrect editing, Business Wiki Software saves changes history and it is possible to roll back article to the last correct version.

Collaborated articles creation using Enterprise Wiki Software

Large set of group permissions allows assigning specific user roles and fine-tuning of access to wiki software.

As web software, KnowledgeBase Manager Pro enables your employees and customers share knowledge from all over the world.

Multilingual Wiki Software UI

Multilingual user interface support for both public and admin areas help different language speakers to work within the same system.

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