Launch almost every feature from the Dashboard

Powerful dashboard in Knowledgebase Manager Pro is also called Home Page. It contains most features, recent articles, comments and questions, system information, application update launcher, article, category and search statistics. Every feature that would be probably used by you every day is here. You do not need to look through the main menu to find a desired feature – it is already here, on the Home Page.

Click on the graph to see the full-sized dashboard screenshot.


You can launch almost every feature from the Dashboard without need to open specific feature page. Articles, categories and search statistics are gathered together on the left panel.

Actions panel

On the right panel you can see system information of the application, check for updates and run updates installation if any available.

Update checker

Recent articles, latest user comments and questions are located on the center on the Home Page. You can edit and delete articles and comments, approve pending comments that require pre-moderation and answer to user questions right here.

New incomings
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