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KnowledgeBase Manager Pro
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User groups and permissions

Number of user accounts1 to unlimited (depends on the license type)
Staff (Admin/Editor) user accountsYes
Client (Read-only) user accountsYes
Unlimited end users (readers)Yes
Unlimited number of user groupsYes
Group-based user permissionsYes
Flexible and detailed user permissionsYes
Inheritable user permissionsYes
Assign users to multiple user groupsYes
Users can modify own contact detailsYes
Active/inactive usersYes
Group-based access to functionsYes
Group-based access to categoriesYes
Group-based access to articlesYes
Multiple group access to articles/categoriesYes
Public area access modes: free access, headers and structure, login requiredYes
Category/article permissions for authorized public area usersYes
General operations on data in public area for authorized usersYes
User registrationYes
User approvalYes
Automated user assignmentYes
Front-end access settingsYes

LDAP Integration and Authentication

Microsoft Active DirectoryYes
Novel eDirectoryYes
Posix Account RFC2307Yes
Posix Account RFC2307BISYes
Samba AccountYes
Sync Account DetailsYes
Map LDAP GroupsYes


Predesigned stylesYes
Custom stylesYes
Integrates into existing websiteYes
Custom rating controlsYes
Printer friendly versionYes
RTL front-end templates (for Right-to-Left languages)Yes

General features

Completely web based knowledge baseYes
Common intuitive UIYes
Zero programming hasslesYes
Cross browser compatibilityYes
UTF-8 SupportYes
Online orderingYes
Immediate downloadYes
Guided installationYes
Software updaterYes
Ajax-powered applicationYes
MySQL database supportYes
SQL (MSSQL, MicrosoftSQL) database supportYes
Single Sign-On (SSO)Yes

User Interface Translations

EnglishEnglish EnglishYes
French FrenchYes
German GermanYes
Brazilian PortuguesePortuguese Brazilian PortugueseYes
Hebrew HebrewYes
Spanish SpanishYes
Russian RussianYes
Turkish TurkishYes
Italian Italian (front-end translation)Yes
Polish Polish (front-end translation)Yes

Articles creation and options

Unlimited articlesYes
Article versions historyYes
Article versions comparisonYes
Roll-back to previous article versionYes
Deleted articles recoveryYes
Articles assigning to multiple categoriesYes
Unlimited categories and sub-categoriesYes
Unlimited category depthYes
Related articlesYes
Automatic related articlesYes
Meta tags supportYes
Publish/hide articleYes
Unlimited article attachmentsYes
Featured articlesYes
Draft articlesYes
Ability to save article as draft for further editingYes
Ability to resume editing article from draftYes
Article cross-editing notificationsYes
Articles autosavingYes
Customizable autosaving intervalYes
Article templatesYes
Favorite articlesYes
Article snippetsYes
Bulk edit of articlesYes
Bulk edit of permissions for categoriesYes
Restricted groups column in articles gridYes
Spell checking (using browser built-in spell checking function)Yes
Simple workflow (approval) systemYes
Recycle binYes


Drag’n'drop files from your PCYes
Attach files via drag’n'dropYes
Upload images via drag’n'dropYes
Upload flash via drag’n'dropYes
Upload video via drag’n'dropYes
Embed images directly to articles via drag’n'dropYes
Embed flash directly to articles via drag’n'dropYes
Embed video directly to articles via drag’n'dropYes
Quick insertion of screenshots without saving them locallyYes
Logo updating via drag’n'dropYes
Drag’n'drop of categories within the treeYes
Drag’n'drop of images within the folder structureYes
Drag’n'drop of folders within the folder structureYes

Custom fields

Number of custom fieldsUnlimited
Assign custom fields to multiple knowledge itemsYes
Search in custom fieldsYes
Required custom fields supportedYes
Public and internal custom fieldsYes

Custom field types

Text fieldYes
Text areaYes
Multi selectYes
Multi checkboxesYes
Radio buttonsYes
Select listYes
Combobox fieldYes
Number fieldYes
Email fieldYes
URL link fieldYes
Date pickerYes
Date & Time fieldYes

WYSIWYG features

Change font face, type, and sizeYes
Change text color and highlight colorYes
Text: bold, italic, underline, strikethroughYes
Subscript and superscript textYes
Clearing of text formattingYes
Paragraphs alignment: right, left, center, and justifyYes
Paragraph indentsYes
Headings H1-H6Yes
Numbered listsYes
Bulleted listsYes
Links to articlesYes
Email linksYes
Special characters insertingYes
Find & ReplaceYes
Tables (advanced module)Yes
Images (local, remote, multiple upload)Yes
Flash (local, remote, multiple upload)Yes
Video (local, remote, multiple upload)Yes
HTML source editingYes

Scheduled publishing

Specify article publication dateYes
Specify article expiry dateYes

Document import

Word documents (by copy-pasting)Yes

Document export


Publication profiles

Unlimited publicationsYes
Full knowledge base publishingYes
Single article publishingYes
Auto related articles widgetYes
Publishing of certain category with or without subcategoriesYes

Layout customization

Template managementYes
Number of customizable layouts13
Number of customizable blocks31
Number of customizable snippetsMore than 100
Commented editable CSS styling codeYes
Ability to create a custom RTL themeYes

Publication options

Category tree view in front-endYes
Show/hide articles in category tree viewYes
Show/hide headerYes
Enable/disable searchYes
Enable/disable advanced searchYes
Show/hide articles previewYes
Tune articles preview lengthYes
Show/hide quick jump menuYes
Show/hide subcategoriesYes
Show/hide articles counter per categoryYes
Show/hide top rated articlesYes
Show/hide most popular articlesYes
Show/hide recent articlesYes
Show/hide top rated articlesYes
Show/hide “Ask a question” boxYes
Show/hide RSS syndication iconsYes
Show/hide category breadcrumbsYes
Show/hide comment boxYes
Enable/disable captchaYes
Enable/disable comment premoderationYes
Enable/disable articles ratingYes
Use custom rating controlsYes
Show/hide attachmentsYes
Enable/disable email subscriptionsYes
Enable/disable printed version of articleYes
Show/hide “Add to favorites” buttonYes
Show/hide “Send to a friend” buttonYes
Show/hide article views counterYes
Show/hide article creation dateYes
Show/hide article last update dateYes
Show/hide article authorYes
Show/hide article reference numberYes
Show/hide related articlesYes
Show/hide auto related articlesYes
Tune number of shown related articlesYes
Article URL format customizationYes

RSS content syndication

RSS for top rated articlesYes
RSS for last added articlesYes
RSS for most popular articlesYes
RSS for commentsYes
RSS for new articlesYes

Search Engine Optimization

SEO friendly URLsYes
User friendly URLsYes
Sitemap generationYes
Gzipped sitemap generationYes
Automated search engine notification about content changesYes

Front-end search

Simple searchYes
Advanced searchYes
Active response (instant question suggestions)Yes
Search by article reference numberYes
Search by authorYes
Search in articlesYes
Search in commentsYes
Search by Any Word/All Words/Exact MatchYes
Natural language full-text searchYes
Boolean full-text searchYes
Keyword searchYes
Ability to select search methodYes
Optional query expansion for one word searchYes
Highlighting of keywords in search resultsYes
Back to search resultsYes
Instant search suggestYes
Option to search in subcategoriesYes

Back-end search

Advanced searchYes
Category searchYes
Search filtersYes
Different sections searchYes
Multiple sections searchYes
Full knowledge base searchYes
Search by Any Word/All Words/Exact MatchYes
Natural language full-text searchYes
Boolean full-text searchYes
Keyword searchYes
Ability to select search methodYes
Optional query expansion for one word searchYes
Highlighting of keywords in search resultsYes
Back to search resultsYes
Preferences for data grids in search resultsYes
Open article if search performed by Article IDYes
Instant search suggestYes
Option to search in subcategoriesYes

Search in attachments

MS Office 2003 Word Documents: .doc, .dotYes
MS Office 2003 Excel Workbooks: .xls, .xltYes
MS Office 2003 PowerPoint Presentations: .ppt, .potYes
MS Office 2007 Word Documents: .docx, .docm, .dotx, .dotmYes
MS Office 2007 Excel Workbooks: .xlsx, .xlsm, .xltx, .xltmYes
MS Office 2007 PowerPoint Presentations: .pptx, .pptm, .potx, .potmYes
MS Office 2007 Visio Drawing: .vdxYes
Adobe PDF Documents: .pdfYes
RTF Documents: .rtfYes
TXT Documents: .txt, .htm, .html, .shtml, .shtm, .txt, .php, .asp, .cfm, .cfml, .pl, .cgi, .aspx, .jspYes
Images: .jpg, .jpeg, .tiff, .tif (not images itselves, but meta data)Yes

Email subscriptions

Subscription to new articlesYes
Subscription to article updatesYes
Subscription to commentsYes
Subscriptions can be managed by staffYes
Email article to a friendYes


Enable/disable article commentsYes
Enable/disable comments pre-moderationYes
Enable/disable anti-bot CAPTCHAYes
Enable/disable questions formYes
Enable/disable article ratingsYes
Negative rating requires user commentYes


Most popular articlesYes
Last added articlesYes
Top rated articlesYes
Article reference numberYes


Documented API with usage examplesYes
API methods:
Get articleYes
Get commentsYes
Get articles listYes
Get featured articlesYes
Get most discussed articlesYes
Get most popular articlesYes
Get recently added articlesYes
Get recently updated articlesYes
Get top rated articlesYes
Get categories listYes
Get categories treeYes
Get term listYes
Search for articlesYes
Search for categoriesYes
Get suggested articlesYes
Get search suggestionsYes
Search glossary termsYes
Create categoryYes
List methodsYes

Other features

Mouse-over terms descriptionYes
Black words hidingYes
SEO toolsYes
Add to end user favorites listYes
View creation dateYes
View last updated dateYes
Built-in help system for application areaYes
Email harvestingYes
Rating trendsYes
Installation via XML APIYes

User interface solutions

Multifunctional dashboardYes
Inline edit of category nameYes
Drag-n-drop category managementYes
“Quick Add …” panelsYes
Drag’n'drop grid resizingYes
Custom grid properties (columns to display, actions style, group actions style, records per page)Yes
Tips for main menu itemsYes
Introductory tips for each moduleYes
Remember sidebars’ states and sizesYes
Expand/Collapse button for front-end tree and category selector comboboxYes
Option to disable animation for better performanceYes

Group operations on content

Edit article propertiesYes
Delete (any item)Yes
Articles copyingYes
Approve commentsYes
Decline commentsYes
Reset ratingYes
Maximize ratingYes
Set custom ratingYes
Cancel subscriptionYes
Deleted articles recoveryYes
Deleted articles destroyingYes


Most viewed articlesYes
Most rated articlesYes
Most discussed articlesYes
Most popular categoriesYes
Most popular search queriesYes
Most popular failed search queriesYes
Authors summaryYes
Articles per authorYes
Author popularityYes

Backup system

Backup knowledge base on serverYes
Downloadable backup filesYes
Scheduled backupsYes
Manual backupsYes
Backups before updatesYes
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