This product was discontinued on January 1st 2015, however all existing customers will continue to receive support as per their maintenance agreement.

Web Calendar Pro – web based online calendar and event scheduler

Web Calendar Pro is a simple and powerful web based calendar system. In addition to standard event scheduler one can set event categories, plan online appointments, create user subscriptions, create password protected calendars, plus many more useful capabilities.Whether you have a non-profit web community or e-commerce web site with affiliates, Web Calendar Pro script will extend your online planning and communications to the new level. A user friendly interface allows to publish events on online schedule, set recurring evens, use multiple languages, personalize email notifications, set online event alerts, apply importance labels, highlights and many more features!If you have ever used Outlook, you will be surprised how online event planning and calendaring could be so enjoying with even more features, all integrated in Web Calendar Pro. In addition, you can easily export events created in Web Calendar Pro to the most popular formats (vCal, eCal) compatible with Microsoft Outlook, Eudora and other organizers.Take a minute to read Web Calendar Pro‘s features or go to an online demo now!
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Web Calendar Pro