Share a Single Article

Integrate separate articles to your website.

In some cases it is necessary to integrate single knowledgebase articles to a website. This can be done using Single Article publication profile.

After choosing an article, you will get the code that can be used on multiple websites simultaneously.

Thus you will get the article, integrated to your website, which contents dynamically linked with the knowledge base and will be automatically changed whenever any corrections done to the original article. Moreover the article can have feedback functional, print function etc. This article will gather statistical information and track rating changes as well as any other knowledgebase article.

Knowledge base article publication

As in the case with the publication of the whole knowledge base, there is a functionality to fully manage the appearance and functions for 100% integration with any website. In the case when integrate the article in full is not reasonable, but the use of the knowledge base on the website will enhance the overall impact, we created a special widget.

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