Custom Fields

Increase depth of knowledge organization and filtration

Custom fields are user-defined variables that can be assigned to articles. Custom fields provide additional level of organization and filtration of articles in your corporate knowledge base. They allow greater customizability of types of data collected with the knowledge base entry.

  • Search in custom fields

    Custom fields vital property is that they are searchable. When you search for an article you may want to provide additional details about which articles are you interested for: articles that are applied to 2.3 version of software, or articles containing solutions for Windows or OSX, for example.

  • Required custom fields supported

    Custom field can be set to required so that each article must have some value for this field.

  • Public and internal custom fields

    Some custom fields may be viewed by your staff only if you don’t want to show them to public users.

  • Custom field types:

    • Text field – basic single line text box custom field to allow simple text input.
    • Text area – a multiline text area custom field to allow input of longer text strings.
    • Multi select – multiple values in a select list.
    • Multi checkboxes – multiple values using checkboxes.
    • Radio buttons – a group of radio buttons.
    • Select list – single selection list with a configurable set of options.
    • Combobox field – single selection from values in combobox.
    • Number field – a custom field that stores and validates numeric (floating point) input.
    • Email field – a custom field with email validation.
    • URL link field – allows links to other site to be added to an article.
    • Date picker – a custom field that stores dates and uses a date picker to view them.
    • Date time – a custom field that stores dates and uses a date picker to view them.

It is easy to add any custom field with step-by-step wizard. On the first step you choose the custom field type:

Custom Fields

On the second step you can change a wide variety of options for the custom field that you create.

Custom Fields

With the help of custom fields in Knowledge Base Manager Pro you can:

  • create articles for an FAQ applied to different versions of software that you describe
  • separate bug track issues between different platforms (OS, browsers, etc)
  • provide documents in different languages
  • show multiple article authors
  • add tags to articles
  • there are variety of other ways to use custom fields within your organization

You can fill in custom fields when you edit an article.

We edit custom fields in Knowledge Base Software

End-users see that article in the front-end with already filled in values.

Users view custom fields in front-end of Knowledge Base Software
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