What’s New in Knowledge Base Manager Pro v6.0

(Released on February 15th, 2011)

MSSQL Support: Microsoft SQL 2005 and Microsoft SQL 2008

Microsoft SQL Server Support

Starting from this version Knowledgebase Manager Pro also supports MS SQL for database storage in addition to the previously supported MySQL.

Current customers can migrate their knowledge base from MySQL to MS SQL.

We have added database abstraction layer to the Knowledgebase Manager Pro architecture. This puts a solid ground for prospective support of other database engines like Oracle and PostgreSQL.

Export to PDF

Export of articles to PDF is now supported.

Now you can export a knowledge base article to PDF. Exported PDF file will contain exactly the same article with same formatting, pictures, etc.

You can disable export function in the front-end if you do not want your customers or other knowledge base visitors export your knowledge base articles to PDF.

Export of articles to PDF is now supported.

Exported document gets a table of contents and bookmarks automatically for convenient navigation. Also you can add custom styles to exported PDFs.

Single Sign-On

Knowledgebase Manager Pro supports single sign-on (SSO) from now on. With the help of SSO user just needs to login once (e.g. to your website or other application) and he immediately and automatically gets authenticated to Knowledgebase Manager Pro.

This feature also solves the problem of user importing from your databases to KMP – if user tries to login to KMP via Single Sign-On and his user account doesn’t exist in KMP yet, account would be created automatically.

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