How Knowledge Management System works

This diagram shows how knowledge management system works and it is the base for most of knowledge management systems. The scenario is almost the same as for knowledge base software for clients or corporate knowledge management tool within your organization.

  • 1Create and import content
    Fill the knowledge base with articles, assign them to categories, create category structure, and set special article properties and options.
  • 2Customize design and publish content
    Customize layout of the knowledge base, theme design, voting controls, and publish content to the web.
  • 3Readers use your knowledge base
    Your knowledge base readers browse through the categories, search and read articles.
  • 4Readers subscribe to updates
    Readers subscribe to updates by email or by RSS and get regular updates of articles and comments.
  • 5Capture feedback
    Readers leave comments, ask questions, rate articles, advice how articles can be improved.
  • 6Make use of feedback
    Respond to your knowledge base readers’ comments and questions. Manage subscriptions and approve comments. Improve articles according to readers’ feedback.
  • 7Maintain your knowledge base
    Manage the knowledgebase: create backups, new articles, category structure, and work with user-generated content.
  • 8Add users for assistance
    Add users with special set of permissions to help you with articles creation, answering to comments, customization of design, and creation of other users.
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