Staff and Client Users

Provide employees and customers with appropriate level of access to the knowledge base

There are two types of user accounts in Knowledgebase Manager Pro: Staff and Clients.

Staff users are able to login to the front-end and to the back-end. Their ability to access, create, and edit certain articles, categories, and use KB functions depends on their access permissions. Staff user could be an administrator with full access permissions, or an author whose permissions are related to the process of knowledge creation and updating. Hundreds of different access scenarios are available due to the flexibility of access model.

Clients are read-only users who can login to the front-end only. They cannot create or edit articles, categories, glossary terms and other content, but they can still use feedback tools to leave comments, ask questions, cast votes, etc. Main advantage of Clients in comparison with anonymous users is ability to access certain restricted and public content if permitted.

Staff and Client Users

Number of supported Staff and Client accounts is specified in the license name. Some licenses support only several Staff accounts, others include both Staff and Clients. Our flexible licensing scheme helps you with providing custom access to the knowledge base for all your clients.

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