Front-end Authorization

Convenient reading + access to restricted contents

KnowledgeBase Manager Pro has two user interfaces: front-end (or public area) and back-end (or admin area). Back-end is the advanced control panel with a lot of features, where you can create category structure, create articles, manage users and user groups, change knowledgebase settings, and everything. User account is required to work with back-end.

Backend article and category management

The other user interface is front-end. It doesn’t require authentication by default. It was designed to provide maximum convenience for navigation between categories, reading and searching of articles.

Frontend article and category management

However, sometimes we need to login to front-end and edit or create some articles, or to see restricted content. That’s why starting from the 5.1 version, KnowledgeBase Manager Pro allows authorization in front-end, providing several pretty useful applications for this ability.

Client users can get access to certain restricted content after login and use custom settings such as language, time and date format, and time zone. Staff users in addition can use front-end logins to edit content while they are reading it.

Category and article access permissions for front-end users with authorization support

When you login to front-end, all permissions that you had at back-end are applied. So you can see content that is hidden from unauthorized view and read it in convenient form at the same time. This enables you provide your clients and partners with read-only or full access to the knowledge base parts.

General operations on articles and categories in front-end (edit, create, delete)

You may want to correct some mistake or typo while you’re reading an article. It would take several minutes to login to back-end, find this article and apply corrections. But you don’t need to follow this complex path. Just click Tools > Edit Article and here you go – it is as easy as edit wiki article.

Edit article

Authors and editors will be happy to be always in touch with quick article edit ability. They do not need that huge amount of features that are available for admin at the control panel. They need simple interface for authoring and they have it!

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