Powerful Search

Find any item in your knowledge base.

Powerful front-end search provides full search capabilities to end users. It searches among categories, articles, attachments, and comments. Search results are sorted by relevancy. Words from the search query are highlighted in the search results.

Front-end search results

You can refine your search using the advanced search form. Just click on the “Advanced Search” link.

Advanced search settings

If Boolean search method is set, you’ll see the link to Boolean operators reference that helps you to write the best queries and get the best search results.

Boolean search in knowledge base software

You can choose which search method is better for you and other knowledge base users in search options module.

Front-end search settings in knowledge base software

There are also lots of options that help you to fine tune search methods and look & feel of the search results.

When you click the Back button in your browser and open the search results page for one of your previous searches, you get the same search results as earlier due to the search query information stored in the URL.

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