Related Articles

Basic scheme of related articles

Use both manual and automatic linking of related articles

Related Articles feature helps you keep your knowledgebase well organized and serves as sorting procedure that can help find articles that rely on each other. Articles relations created automatically, but you can add some relations manually as well.

For example, if you create an encyclopedia based on Knowledgebase Manager Pro, article called “Knowledge” might be linked to articles shown on the next image.

Example scheme of related articles on close topics

Related articles are being used in two ways.

First way is using of the related articles when publish the whole knowledge base. When visitor browses the knowledge base and reads some article, he sees articles that are related to this one. He may open one of the related articles and see information on the corresponding topic.

Related articles block

Another way is using Auto Related Widget. Auto Related Widget consists from one block with related articles only. After you include this block on your website page, it will analyze the page contents and suggest knowledgebase articles in accordance with topics related with them.

Example of Auto Related Widget usage
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