Import existing knowledge and documents using the import wizard

Knowledgebase Manager Pro supports import of articles from CSV and XLS files. You should tell the Importing Wizard which columns should be used as article titles, content, creation time etc. and it will do the rest of the work automatically.

Articles importing wizard

Importing articles from Microsoft Excel files is simple and powerful at the same time.

Articles importing scheme

So there is no need to mess up with ftp-clients or database dumps.

Re-use content from Microsoft Word documents.

When you copy-paste articles from Microsoft Word they look identical. Formatting is being kept as it is.

Importing services

Already have a knowledge base? We will help you to migrate to KnowledgeBase Manager Pro. We provide importing services for articles, users, documents, attachments, etc – everything you need from your existing knowledge base can be imported.

Have lots of documents? Don’t copy-paste. Upload them!

KnowledgeBase Manager Pro is able to search within your documents. You just need to upload them to the knowledge base, and then you can search them like you search articles.

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