Drafts and Autosaving

Content is the biggest value for knowledge base

When you’re working with knowledge base, it is not necessary to show article contents for public immediately. You might want to suspend your work temporarily, save current article as draft, and resume editing later. This can be done when you create new article, as well as when you edit existing one.

In addition to drafts that you save manually, there are autosaved drafts. You can set period for autosaving feature, and current article instance that you edit will be saved automatically to drafts each time. When you’ll open this article once again, it’ll prompt you to resume with the last saved draft you have.

Draft resuming suggestion

All drafts are also accessible from a single place. They can be viewed, resumed, or deleted from there.

Drafts module

Drafts and autosaving features helps to save time and guard information integrity from browser crashes and connection loses. It prevents you from redundant work in case if you’ve already created a huge article with rich formatting and numerous images, and your browser window just collapses burying hours of your work because you’ve forgotten to save it.

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