Active Response

Decrease quantity of questions with Active Response!

When visitor types text in the Ask a Question form, he sees suggested articles from the knowledgebase.

Active Response

Active response system analyzes user input and finds the most accurate answers to his question from the knowledge base. This approach helps you to provide an “always available”, web-based and powerful self-service helpdesk to your customers, allowing them to find answers to their questions immediately instead of submitting them to your support or sales department and waiting for the answer.

Active Response on Ask a Question page

If user is not satisfied with the suggested answers he may click on the red cross to hide them.

Ask a Question form and active response feature are highly customizable.

Active Response and Ask Question options in knowledge base software

Additional capabilities of information search for visitor are provided by Search feature and Related Articles feature (articles can be set as related by author, and articles can be automatically related by implication).

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