Access Modes

Different access mode settings for front-end.

General knowledge base access mode defines if knowledge base content is available for users without accounts. Thanks to this ability you can set the primary role of your knowledge base. This can be for example an open system for self-help and self-support, a closed corporate knowledge base, a system with paid access and enticing preview, or any other scenario.

Three general access modes provide various implementation and usage scenarios:

  • Anonymous – unauthorized users can see publicly available content. This one is good for a help-desk knowledge base that contains public information for customers and hidden articles for internal use.
  • Headers and structure only – users who haven’t signed in can see knowledge base structure and short previews of length set by you. When they click on an article in order to get more info, they are asked to login. Perfect mode for selling knowledge. Your potential customers know what kind of content you sell, and they need to obtain an account from you to access it.
  • Authorization Required – no access for unregistered users is provided. Great scenario for secure enterprise knowledge base accessible from any part of the world by staff and with no access for ordinary visitors.
Access Modes
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