Benefits of KnowledgeBase Manager Pro Usage

  • Keep your customers satisfied by limiting the time spent on chat, phone, or email support. Save money for everyone involved while boosting your contact resolution rate. Run business smoothly and efficiently by directing your support needs to an internal knowledge base.
  • Your customers will get the information they need when they want it and within the context of your site. This prevents your customers from leaving your site when they have questions, and cannot readily find answers.
  • Knowledgebase Manager Pro is good for you if you are tired of poor-designed, buggy and hardly customizable solutions and want to use modern Web 2.0 Ajax-powered software with wide variety of functions.
  • Centralized and retained employee knowledge: prevents knowledge from leaving when an employee leaves.
  • Reduce employee training time. Gain ability for new and existing employees to acquire job knowledge faster, reducing training time and providing higher job quality.
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