Requirements to use Form Processor Pro

Form Processor Pro 5.x is being offered in PHP version only. PHP is available on most Windows- and UNIX-compatible platforms (web-servers). Form Processor Pro 5.x has standard requirements for PHP scripts. In other words, normally, you do not have to install any additional software to get Form Processor Pro working.

To run Form Processor Pro 5.x you must meet the following requirements:

  • PHP 5 or higher
  • SMTP or Sendmail

If you are not aware of the details above, contact directly your web hosting provider company. You may also find this information in your hosting package details.

Check up script

You can use check up script to see whether your server meets Form Processor Pro requirements or not.

In order to check your host with Form Processor Pro checkup script:

  1. Download Form Processor Pro test script here.
  2. Unpack downloaded zip file. There is only one file in the package: fpp-test.php
  3. Upload or copy fpp-test.php to your public directory (www).
  4. Open this script in your favourite web browser directly from the host by correspondent URL.

For example:

You have a domain: and you uploaded fpp-test.php script to your host by FTP so that it can be viewed through By opening this link in your browser, you’ll see results of the checkup script.

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