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Form Processor Pro is truly one of the most powerful products available to collect, sort and save information submitted through web site forms. Unlike most products in its category, Form Processor Pro combines advanced functionality with high speed, security and low price. Over 12,000 clients have been using Form Processor Pro to gather information from their web site visitors, customers, employees etc.

New features

  • One simple configuration file
    • Simple text config file for all settings and forms.
  • Sophisticated form support
    • Any scenario of form processing possible.
  • Multilingual Support
    • Forms output,system/error messages are multi-lingual. You can add/change any language by yourself by editing one simple text file.
  • Field validations (over 40+)
    • You can validate your fields with more than 40+ validation rules.
  • User input modifiers (over 15+)
    • You can format values entered by user prior to any other operations. 15+ modifiers available.
  • User-friendly error messages
    • You can modify text, language, layout and style of error messages. Improperly filled fields can be highlighted.
  • Databases support
    • You may execute any database query after each form submission to save user input to your database. You can save information to MySQL, Microsoft SQL (MS SQL), PostgreSQL, ODBC and SQLite.
  • Payment Gateways support
    • You can redirect user to checkout to PayPal, 2CheckOut, LinkPoint, eWay.
  • Predefined Variables
    • There are some predefined, dynamically generated variables for your usage.
  • Back & Edit
    • If you have a multi-page form you can add "Back" button that allows visitor to return to any page and enter corrections required. All previously entered data will be stored.
  • User selectable recipients
    • Allows site visitor to choose department or person the information will be sent to.
  • Expiration Date
    • You can set expiration date for any form.
  • File uploading validation
    • You can set up Form Processor Pro to check uploaded file types to prevent uploading of malicious scripts or viruses.
  • Spam injection prevention
    • Protects form from using it as a relay for spam sending.
  • Unique submissions
    • You can set number and period.
  • Block IPs or Hosts
    • You can block any set of IPs or hosts from submitting the form.
  • Allow IPs
    • You can set IPs or subnets from which form submissions will be allowed.
  • Multiple data output formats
    • Supports email sending, autogenerated email (you need to input email address only, and Form Processor Pro will send submission data to this email), PDF format, PDF format with table-formatted data, XLS format, XLS format with table-formatted data, CSV format, TXT and LOG formats. All files can be zipped on the fly.
  • Error Fields Highlighting
    • You can define style for improperly filled fields.
  • SMTP Secured support
    • Email sending through SMTP server with authentication.
  • Password generation
    • Generates password with certain length or picks one password from a password dictionary file. Registration forms can be created using this feature.
  • Fields counter
    • Counts how many fields from a field set satisfy certain conditions.
  • Plug-in structure
    • To add new feature you just need to upload the file to your Form Processor Pro "plugins" folder. It will install and configure new plug-in automatically.
  • Anti-bot and SPAM protection with CAPTCHA
    • You can use CAPTCHA to protect your form from bots and spammers. CAPTCHA is a type of challenge-response test used to determine whether the user is a human or not. CAPTCHA requires that the user type the letters of a distorted image, with the addition of an obscured sequence of letters or digits that appears on the screen.

General features of Form Processor Pro

  • Manage all your web forms from a single location
    • Form Processor Pro will process all web forms from a single installation, regardless of the number and complexity of web forms on your site
  • Works with any existing form
    • Form Processor Pro will work as well with simple feedback forms and up to shopping cart complexity forms with multi-pages form, logs, and checkout features
  • No limit to how many fields you can have on the form
  • One installation handles unlimited number of forms
  • Configuration trough CFG file
    • Each form’s settings are set up through one configuration file in txt format
  • Not a hosted solution
    • One time payment, you receive the complete standalone application to install on your own site under your own domain!
  • Works with all domain names

Form processor-related features

  • Multiple Email sending
    • Can send any number of different and unique e-mails
  • Multiple Output
    • Allows saving information from web forms to multiple files (CSV, TSV) and sending it to specified email accounts at the same time
  • Multiple Pages Form support
    • No need to collect all data on one long page, you can have the form take a number of steps to fill out before finally being logged or Emailed
  • Customizable "Thank you" pages
    • Once a web form is submitted and processed, Form Processor Pro will display a customizable "Thank you" message to the user and/or redirect site visitor to another page
  • Simple and easy to understand error messages
  • You have full layout and message text control
    • Customize text and design of a notification that will be sent to visitors who fill in your site form
  • Attachments: allow your visitors to send and receive file attachments
    • First, Form Processor Pro can send any attached file to a visitor, who successfully completed your web form. That can be a corporate presentation, commercial offer or anything else. Second, Form Processor Pro allows your web site visitors to send you file attachments – as RFP forms, resumes, etc.
  • Mathematical Calculations
    • You can sum up orders, work out shipping etc. on data, supplied from the form and included as default (Form Processor Pro supports + – / * ( ) and Round operations).
  • Rounding off Numbers
    • Form Processor Pro can perform rounding off numbers in the way you need, which is very useful when using math calculations in web forms
  • Environment Settings
    • This feature allows you to collect additional information about each visitor who submitted information through a web form: IP address, hostname, URL etc.
  • Required Fields
    • You can set up any fields from simple text to checkboxes or multiple select lists as required.
  • E-mail address syntax verification and Data Check
    • Form Processor Pro checks if entered data matches a particular format – i.e. all digits, a syntactically correct e-mail address, letters only, etc.
  • Dependency forms and results
    • You can configure your form in such a way that entered data will be sent via e-mail, stored to DB or logged into log file in dependence of entered data itself.
  • IF condition
    • You will be able to create sophisticated forms with many conditions
  • SSL Support
    • Form Processor Pro supports SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol, so it reliably runs on https servers
  • Email harvesting protection
    • All email addresses are invisible to web site visitors and robots, what prevents email harvesting robots from getting your email addresses.
  • Data Encryption (available upon request as a customization project)
    • Form Processor Pro can encrypt fields data using PGP technology, which gives you the highest security over the information transmitted via your web forms
  • SendMail and SMTP email sending
  • Unique Reference number
    • Normally used for ordering process as unique transaction number, generated from time and date using random function, absolutely unique
  • Save to eMail lists
    • Using DB template you have full control over structure of DB and store emails as email lists with additional data.
  • Allows sending form data to multiple (CC, BCC) email recipients
    • Choose email accounts where form data will be sent. Like in email client, you can specify CC (carbon copy) recipients, who will receive a copy of submitted information, and BCC (blind carbon copy) recipients.
  • Use for on-line orders
    • Form Processor Pro can be used to set up an online order form
  • Return Input to visitor
    • You may configure Form Processor Pro to send an entire copy (or selected pieces of information) to a visitor, who submitted that information through your web forms. Form Processor Pro provides full control over customizable templates.
  • Optional Autoresponder for each form
    • Configure Form Processor Pro to send an automated attractive, formatted email containing your custom "thank you", or promotional message upon information submission
  • Required value for radio buttons, checkboxes and selects
    • Make "required" checkboxes, dropdown and multiple select lists, so your web site visitors would be obliged to give an answer to your question.
  • Multiple selections in list box and checkboxes
  • HTML Emails
    • Form Processor Pro can send information as great-looking HTML email
  • User Select recipients
    • Allows site visitors to choose a department/person the information will be sent to


  • Easy to install and to configure
    • No programming knowledge needed to install the script and configure your forms to work with it
  • Cross-platform support
    • Form Processor Pro has been thoroughly tested on UNIX, Linux and Windows servers

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