Form Processor Pro is an excellent solution for collecting, sorting and storing information from your web site visitors. All information filled in web forms can be validated, post processed, stored in a database, CSV or text log file, sent to multiple email accounts as html or plain text email. With extended list of supported features Form Processor Pro is the most powerful solution for enabling web site feedback forms, evaluation forms, multi-page order forms with calculations, registration forms, huge forms with a lot of pages and fields, surveys, and virtually any other web forms.

What makes Form Processor Pro better than other form mail scripts

  • One installation works with unlimited number of forms
  • Allows broadest settings for form processing (see list of features)
  • Works with any HTML / web form
  • Anti-bot and spam protection with CAPTCHAnew
  • Fast, secure (supports SSL) and reliable
  • Has secured SMTP support – no more pain with sending emails
  • Values your time, “Back & Edit” feature saves entered data when you want to move to previous form page to make corrections.
  • Has more than 40 field validations helping you to receive correct data from your client

Form Processor Pro installation

Form Processor Pro is developed using PHP, which is the most popular web programming language, so it is compatible with most web servers. Installation is easy and fast. Just follow the installation guide, which is included in the user’s manual. If you wish, you can order script installation and configuration service, and our engineers will do the work for you.All settings can be easily modified in a single configuration file for all forms. No programming is required, simply open file in a text editor (e.g. Notepad) and make modifications to script settings and forms.

How it works

Working with Form Processor Pro is easy as 1-2-3:
  • Create web forms using your favorite HTML editor (e.g. Microsoft Frontpage ®, Adobe Dreamweaver ® ). Generate as many fields as you like, create forms on multiple pages – Form Processor Pro will handle all of them.
  • Point your web forms to Form Processor Pro
  • Set up Form Processor Pro to gather information from web forms. Mark out required fields, customize ‘thank you’ page, set up autoresponder. For each form you can decide what to do with filled information: whether it will be calculated, stored to a database, or sent to email recipients.
How FPP works and It's features.read more

Need an easier solution to create and handle web forms? Get Form Maker Pro.

  • Form Generator. Form Maker Pro will create any web forms you like, so you don’t need to buy expensive html editors just to create web forms.
  • Easier to use. Form Maker Pro has a visual user-friendly interface, so you don’t need to edit any configuration files in text editor.
  • Faster form setup. By generating web-forms with Form Maker Pro, you eliminate the need for pointing each web form to a form processing script. Form Maker Pro will automatically do it for you.
Check the comparison table to make the right choice.
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Form Processor Pro
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