Installation and Configuration

If you want to save your time or you experience any problems with installation or configuration of the Form Mail: Email Form Processor Pro we will be pleased to perform professional installation of the script and configure your forms to meet your personal business needs and even develop the form from the scratch.

Three easy steps to begin installation process

  • Read Terms of Service
  • Fill in the Installation Request form
  • Make a prepayment [Payment Link]

Standard service price is $50 USD.

Terms of Service

  • You have to buy Form Processor Pro before you can order installation service.
  • Installation service is provided to UNIX (Linux, FreeBSD, *nix) and Windows servers.

Standard installation service fee is $50 per installation, which includes installing the script to your web server and configuring one of the web forms on your web site that you choose. An additional service, such as creating/configuring new web forms, are charged at $20 per hour. If we need to go over standard service fee, you will be contacted before we continue.

Installation Request form

As you can see, the form is long and requires much information. All required questions are marked with an asterix and are mandatory to perform an installation. This form has been designed to reduce the amount of time required to install Form Processor Pro and thus trim down the installation cost. If you are not aware of the requested information, please, contact your server administrator and/or your web hosting provider company.

* – required fields

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