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What’s New In Form Processor Pro v5.3

Conditional required fields

You can set certain fields to be required only if some other condition is fulfilled, for example you can set the “date” field required if the radio button “I’ll attend this meeting” is set to “Yes”. Any logical operation on field values can be used as condition and you can even check if certain values where entered into the certain fields.

“Is set” field validation rule

“Is set” field validation rule used when you want to allow form submission only if user gets here from some other certain place (for example from the other form) and sends certain values using GET method. It checks if defined field is set, even if it’s not present on the form itself.

Allowed values validation

We have made new validation rule on our customer request. It enables setting of allowed values for certain fields, for example a list of words or numerical ranges. This feature helps to make your forms much more flexible.

DOC file generation feature

In addition to already existing PDF, XLS and CSV file generating features we added DOC files support. Highly customizable templates can help you to generate DOC files with almost any desired layout and with form fields content. This file can be either sent by email after form submission or saved on your server.

Multiple files zipping

Now you can zip several files (e.g.: user attached files, files generated by Form Processor Pro, or files that are stored on your server) into a single archive, so user won’t need to download several small files separately.

Require blank field

New feature that can improve anti-spam and anti-bot protection. Declare one field for user to leave empty, and he will submit the form easily. However most robot software will fill this field and will be unable to perform submission. You can also use this feature together with CAPTCHA.

Short error message option

You can choose now either to show detailed error message, or short version to save space on the screen, this is extremely useful if you have large forms and numerous fields.

Character Limit validation

Use this to prevent user from entering more characters into a field that you allowed to.

Word Limit validation

This feature will help you to prevent user from entering too much words into a text area.

MySQL selection and update of several entries

This is professional set of features for creating a set of forms, that will allow you to add records to the database, read records, show them in a desired format, select several records and update all of them with those forms.

Optional email sending

Allows you to send emails depending on field values, it can check whether field was filled, if several fields are identical, what letters or words field does contain etc. This can be useful if you want to send one email to all users with addresses with domain and another email to users with domain, for example.

CAPTCHA appearance configuration

You can now edit CAPTCHA appearance as you want to, you can change font type, color, background color and CAPTCHA length. It is still highly secure and prevents robot software from submitting the form. Also you can paste simple code into your page for updating CAPTCHA image on the fly, without reloading the whole page.

You can try live demo of CAPTCHA appearance and reloading image:

Previous versions release log

What’s New In Form Processor Pro v5.2

Password generation

You can use it to generate password of given length or pick one password from a password dictionary file. Registration forms can be created using this feature.

MySQL selection query support

Allows execution of MySQL selection queries and filling of form fields with values from the database. This can be useful if you want to allow user to edit data afterward. Login forms can also be created with this feature.

Fields counter

Helps you to count how many fields from a field set satisfy certain conditions. Useful for creating quizzes or tests.

Server side scripts support

Works with web pages generated by server-side scripts. Form Processor Pro doesn’t conflict with web pages generated by other server-side scripts. You can use PHP-generated, or ASP-generated page as a “Preview” or “Thank you” page without any problems.

What’s New In Form Processor Pro v5.1

Referer support

This feature allows you to define explicitly a set of sites from where your form can be submitted. In this case you can be sure that nobody can use your Form Processor Pro without your permission.

Time Zone support

If your server time zone differs from your time zone, you can set this difference and receive forms with correct timestamps.

Email custom codepage feature

It allows you to send emails with different codepages and in different languages.

User Manual updated

To be sure that our clients can find answer on almost any question on our application we have updated our on-line manual, and included some common asked questions and useful tips.

What’s New In Form Processor Pro v5.0

Completely new engine

We’ve fully rebuilt Form Processor Pro, it now has completely redesigned core and workflow scheme. It was created on the base of our well-known product Form Processor Pro 4 and was greatly improved for your better use.

Plug-in architecture

Plug-in architecture allows us to make customizations and upgrades more easily for Form Processor Pro.

Multilingual interface

All language constants are now stored in the one file, and it’s easy to make a quick translation to desired language (in case we do not have your language included). You can add/change any language yourself by editing one simple text file.

SSL support

Form Processor Pro can be used either on standard web server or with SSL support. You don’t need to make some additional configuration for this.

New, improved CAPTCHA

For the new version of Form Processor Pro we’ve developed new, improved CAPTCHA image verification. It is highly secure and hard for robot software to pass it. Our tests showed that using this CAPTCHA robot submissions stopped up to 100%

Payment Gateway Support

You can create shopping cart with ease with support of Form Processor Pro, as it get feature to be able to redirect user to checkout to PayPal, 2CheckOut, LinkPoint.

Database Save

Form data can be saved to the database. List of currently supported databases: MySQL, Microsoft SQL, PostgreSQL, ODBC, SQLite.

Back and Edit

With this feature you can allow user to go back on multipage forms and edit entered data while all entered fields are kept safely.

Single Installation

You can use one Form Processor Pro’s installation for all your forms (even if forms are on different servers).

Single Configuration File

All form configuration are now saved in the one configuration file, so you won’t be in need to remember what configuration for what form you’re using, no more messes with paths on server.

Sophisticated forms support

Any scenario of form processing is now possible. You can process any form with Form Processor Pro. It can be simple feedback form, shopping cart, registration form or some sort of test or quiz. Any type of form can be processed now.

User friendly error messages

Error messages are now show on the page error is occurred, so user can fix them on the fly. You can change their text, language, layout and style. Improperly filled fields can be highlighted.

Dependency form support

Further page of multipage form can depend on previous user input. So you can easily make branching in your forms. For example you can create form for user to get support, and he will be asked different questions depended on the type of issue.

File generating

Form Processor Pro can generate files with inputted data to send them over the email or to store on the server. List of currently supported file types: CSV, XLS, PDF. In addition you can add these files to zip archive to make less traffic on your site.

Predefined Variables

Form Processor Pro has a set of predefined variables for you to ease form creating: Timestamp, unique referrer number, HTTP Referer, HTTP User Agent, Remote IP, Fields List in Plain Text, Fields List in HTML etc. You can use those variables in any of your templates.

User selectable recipients

With new feature “Switch” function, you can easily allow user to select which department will receive email after form completed. Actual emails will never appear on the web, so robot software won’t get them for spam-lists.

Mathematical calculations

Form Processor Pro get mathematical calculations feature support, it means it can do calculation for you in the form, it can be useful when you creating shopping cart, quiz or some sort of test.

Expiration date

If you want users to stop submit your form after some date, you may set expiration date for any form now. This is useful if you created registration form, and want users to register only till certain data.

API for third party integration

Script allows redirecting all form data to another page via GET request. This can be used as API to third party scripts and for further data processing.

Unique submissions

Use this feature to limit your form submissions by 1 or couple times per some person. This feature grants you ability to create vote forms, or to limit registrations on registration forms.

Allow/Block IP or hosts

You can allow your form to be submitted only from specific IPs (you can use masks to set range) or host names, or you can block certain IPs and host names from submitting your form.

File uploading validation

You can set validation on what files user can upload with your form.

Credit Card validation

Form Processor Pro can verify major credit card numbers including: Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, Carte Blanche, Discover, and American Express. Must have for shopping cart forms.


Form Processor Pro offers you possibility to make modification of user entered data, so you can make it look more neat in your emails, log files or database entries. Most common modifiers: Capitalize, Count Characters, Count Paragraphs, Count Sentences, Count Words, Indent, Lowercase, Replace, Truncate and many others.

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