This product was discontinued on January 1st 2015, however all existing customers will continue to receive support as per their maintenance agreement.


Web Calendar Pro Screenshots

Web Calendar Pro consists of two parts. The first, user area is designed for calendar users and provides core functionality. The second part is administrator toolbox panel, where one can add and manage users, calendars, notification and various system settings.

The following screen-shots of Web Calendar Pro demonstrate a few of its possibilities. To further research Web Calendar Pro and its capabilities, please, visit our online demo

Web Calendar Pro Screenshots
Screenshot 1: Administrator login page prohibits  unauthorized access to  calendar system settings.

Administrator’s login page

Screenshot 2: Administrator Toolbox Panel - create and manage calendars, add new users and group, set permissions, tweak calendar settings and more.

Administrator’s Toolbox Panel

Screenshot 3: Administrator Toolbox Panel - create and edit Email notifications templates and Online Alert templates.

Configuration of email notifications and online alerts

Screenshot 4: Administrator Toolbox Panel - Easy and usable interface allows to view and edit events created by all calendar users. Using sorting tool, you can filter events by user, subject, date, category and label.

View and edit user events

Screenshot 5: Administrator Toolbox Panel - from the 'Calendars view' you can manage calendars, create and manage categories (which later can be assigned to events), add and edit event labels.

Manage calendars, categories and labels

Screenshot 6: User login page allows to restrict access to calendars, choose calendars, remind forgotten password and register new users.

Manage Web Forms

Screenshot 7: Handy 'day view' allows you to easily access tasks and events scheduled for a certain day.

‘Day view’

Screenshot 8: Great-looking 'month view' displays all events assigned in a month that you select. You can view events, add events and edit existing events (if allowed by calendar's administrator).

‘Month view’

Screenshot 9: Simple and powerful search form can easily find any events searching for key phrase in subject, location, message body, comments or all fields. You will never loose important information.

Advanced search form

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Web Calendar Pro