This product was discontinued on January 1st 2015, however all existing customers will continue to receive support as per their maintenance agreement.

Features List

Web Calendar Pro is built using PHP and MySQL technologies and has plenty of useful features that put it ahead of other web calendar applications.

General features of Web Calendar Pro

  • Simple and professional look
    • Remotely resembling MS Outlook’s look and feel, Web Calendar Pro has unique professional design with no frills. Calendar users can choose from four view modes, easily navigate between months by using the drop-down box, and publish a new event with couple of mouse clicks.
  • Create Private and Public web calendars
    • Using Web Calendar Pro you can create unlimited number of Public (visible to all users) and Private (protected with password) calendars to publish, schedule and manage events together with your web sites members.
  • Use Web Calendar Pro to streamline your event planning
    • Configure your calendar, personalize settings, set permissions for different users and you will have a great tool to help you organize your corporate or community life.

Web Calendar-related features

  • One installation allows creating multiple web calendars on your web site
    • Create as many calendars as you need. Configure each calendar’s settings for different purposes, and administer all calendars from one admin control panel.
  • Recurring events
    • The php calendar script allows to schedule recurring events, choosing start and finish day, and repeating period (assignable number of days, weeks, months or years to repeat the event).
  • Events importance labels
    • Each event can be assigned with a label that indicates its importance. Importance labels are being set up by calendar administrator to make calendar events look more structured. Importance labels also allow marking event importance level in the email notification to subscribers.
  • Events categories
    • Admin can create several categories for calendar events to allow people to subscribe only to one or several categories on their choice and let them receive notifications only about the group of events they are really interested in.
  • Customize Events look and feel
    • Each event can nave its own, color, font and text size.
  • “Busy day” highlights
    • If there is an event planned to the day, this day will be marked with bold in your calendar navigator to make your schedule more pictorial.
  • “Work week” and “work hours” highlights
    • You can set up any days to be shown in the “work week” view mode to display your corporate business week. Also any hours at your desire can be highlighted as “work hours”, to make your online planning more pictorial.
  • Today events
    • For your convenience, all events due on today will be listed on a separate page.
  • “Coming soon” list
    • If you are going to create a public calendar on you site, it would be really useful to have a number of “coming soon” events listed on the separate board to attract visitor’s attention.
  • “Search” and “Advanced search” tools
    • Users can search event through the calendar by any keyword, or you can use advanced search if you need to find events by certain parameter (date, importance label, category etc.)
  • Export to vCal and iCal formats
    • Web Calendar Pro events can be easily converted to vCal or iCal formats, which is absolutely compatible with Microsoft Outlook, Eudora and plenty of other organizers.
  • Fast and Powerful
    • Owing to its lightweight design and professional development, Web Calendar Pro works fast and consumes little traffic. It’s a great advantage when many people use it at the same time.
  • Four calendar views
    • Like in MS Outlook, you can select calendar view that is convenient for your current tasks. Each calendar has today, one day, week, work week and month view.
  • Email notifications
    • Once an event is scheduled in web calendar, you can set up email notifications that will be sent to selected calendar users when the event occurs. You can edit notification email template, selecting message text, design and layout.
  • Online alerts
    • When Web Calendar Pro is open in your browser in the background, it is still able to notify you about start of event with pop-up alert, which opens up in a new browser window. You can configure notification settings and edit alert message, including text formatting.
  • System backup
    • Full System database backup is available to make your calendars really foolproof and keep all data safe.
  • Flexible features configuration
    • Numerous administrator options to customize the setup and operation of Web Calendar Pro. You can configure each calendar to fit into your business processes.
  • Password protected access to admin area.
    • Calendars administrator manages all vital settings from password protected administration panel, which can’t be accessed by ordinary users.

Technical support for Web Calendar Pro users

  • Fast and Professional technical support.
    • Friendly, fast and professional engineers from Clients Support Department will handle all your inquiries about Web Calendar Pro, its installation and configuration. Technical support is free of charge for six months starting from the purchase date.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you haven’t found the feature you need on this page. We constantly work on adding new features to Web Calendar Pro.

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