This product was discontinued on January 1st 2015, however all existing customers will continue to receive support as per their maintenance agreement.


Web Calendar Pro is a powerful yet easy to use multi-language calendar system for your website or your personal planning needs. This product can support unlimited amount of web calendars, each of those can have its own settings. With Web Calendar Pro you could handle a big public schedule for publishing events on your site, with several users granted different rights for managing this calendar events and unlimited amount of subscribers and private calendar for managing your own tasks.

The script admin area is easy to use and featured with contacts directory, email templates. It also allows script admin to set up importance labels and categories for calendar events. Categories are used to let people sign up only to those events they are interested in.

Calendar has several view types, search tool and supports unique formatting for each event.

Key features

  • Public or private calendars
    The Web Calendar Pro allows you to create both public, or login protected calendars. You could also define who could add and edit calendar events and set up automatic or admin approved non-registered users events publishing.
  • Email and online alert notifications
    Optional email and/or online alert notification about event is supported. All email templates are stored in templates library and could have their own text, design and layout.
  • Recurring events
    The script supports recurring events with fully configurable repeating period and recurring start and finish date.
  • Subscription by categories
    Admin could create several categories for calendar events to allow people to subscribe only to one or several categories on their choice and let them receive notifications only about the group of events they are really interested in.
  • “Work week” and “work hours” highlights
    You can set up any days to be shown in the “work week” view mode to meet your company business week. Also any hours at your desire can be highlighted as “work hours”, to make your online planning more pictorial.
  • “Today events” board
    All events planned for the current day are listed on the separate page – “task board” for your convience.
  • “Search” and “Advanced search” tools
    Users could search event through the calendar by any keyword, or you can use advanced search if you need to find events by certain parameter (date, importance label, category etc.)
  • Export to vCal, iCal formats
    Web Calendar Pro events can be easily converted to vCal or iCal formats and are absolutely compatible with Microsoft Outlook, Eudora and plenty of other organizers.
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Web Calendar Pro