This product was discontinued on January 1st 2015, however all existing customers will continue to receive support as per their maintenance agreement.


Who can use Flash Charts Pro?

  • Webmaster If you are a webmaster with only one website or you own 100 and more sites you can use it for getting statistics in more affordable and handy way.
  • Developer Being a developer or a programmer you can use Flash Charts Pro for implementing it into various systems, where you need to render digital data and values into graphics, schemes or diagrams.
  • System administrator Flash Charts pro can be easily implemented into any expert system or any data-driven system, so that the interface becomes more attractive and easy for understanding.
  • Not so technical person, who just need his data to be converted into graphics for getting more understandable reports

While developing applications on ASP.NET (Using C#, VB.NET, JScript.NET or any other .NET compatible language), PHP, JSP & Java, ColdFusion, Ruby on Rails, Perl building Flash Movies, Flash and PowerPoint presentations, designing interfaces or being a general user you can use Flash Charts Pro for depicting permanent and dynamic data for better view and understanding.

If you are a professional in your sphere and if you are always facing with different data, that is constant or dynamic you can get more understanding from simple numbers when you build diagrams and charts. Flash Charts Pro is a component that can be used in different spheres.

Flash Charts Pro consists of single series charts, multiple series charts, stacked charts, combination charts, scatter charts, candlestick charts etc. Most of the charts are in both 3D and 2D format. So you will have more than 30 chart types for your business needs.

Flash Charts Pro ideal for web applications, presentations, dashboards, reporting solutions etc. anywhere where power charting and sleek looks are required.

Flash Charts Pro includes the following chart types:

  • Single Series Charts
    • 2D/3D Column Chart
    • 2D Bar Chart
    • 2D Line Chart
    • 2D Area Chart
    • 2D/3D Pie Chart
    • 2D Doughnut Chart
  • Multi-series Charts
    • 2D/3D Column Chart
    • 2D/3D Stacked Column
    • 2D/3D Bar Chart
    • 2D Stacked Bar
    • 2D Line Chart
    • 2D Area Chart
    • 2D Stacked Area Chart
    • 2D Scatter Chart
    • 2D/3D Bubble Chart
  • Combination Charts
    • Multi-series 2D/3D Column + Multi-series Line Dual Y
    • 2D Stacked Area + Multi-series Line Dual Y
    • 2D Stacked Column + Multi-series Line Dual Y
  • Additional Chart Types
    • Candle stick chart / Stock Bar Chart
    • Single series Grid Component

Just a few features of Flash Charts Pro:

  • Variable range of charts
  • More than 60 products for now
  • Ideal for any application and online, interactive solution
  • Fully customizable software, with changeable colour, size, fonts and the theme
  • No need for installation
  • Variable list of formatting options
  • Multi-lingual (UTF-8) characters support
  • Discontinuous data support
  • Trend line and zone support
  • Customizable animation
  • Grid component
  • Dynamically resizable
  • Attractive 3D effects
  • Easy to integrate and use
  • Technical support
  • Available documentation
  • Code snippets and samples
  • Source code included *
  • And much more..

* – only in enterprise and worldwide licenses

If you are a developer, a programmer or just a person who needs to convert data-driven results into graphical mode, our diagram creating engine, that is based on Flash Charts Pro is the best solution, which can be used in directions like:

  • Product advertising You can build presentation in PowerPoint and insert Flash Charts Pro, so that you can impress your audience with professional and attractive presentation.
  • Service advertising To make information more usable and indexes more understandable for both potential and existing customers you can build presentation of your products using Flash Charts Pro for comparing products and depicting all data regarding sales, customers etc.
  • Business management A businessman can monitor his incomes with FCP library.
  • High Management For a manager it can help to get graphical diagrams of accomplished tasks and received reports.
  • Reporting system As a product manager or project manager you can create accounts and show all scores and indexes in animated graphical charts so that all reports become more understandable.
  • Commercial Analysis As a commercial agent on the stock exchange you can monitor values of gold, oil or currency with Flash Charts Pro library.

Read more about benefits of Flash Charts Pro!

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