This product was discontinued on January 1st 2015, however all existing customers will continue to receive support as per their maintenance agreement.


Why Flash Charts Pro?

Until now, whenever the phrase “online real-time charts” came to your mind, you started fancying about some Active-X Controls or compact Assemblies to render image based charts dynamically generated on the server side. But, have you ever considered a few points before you begin with them:

  • Installation Affairs: Firstly, you need to install them on the server, insert some keys in the registry and so on. Just check out with your server provider if they allow you to do so and what is the charge for the same.
  • Efficiency Factor: Secondly, although these components render sophisticated looking charts, they consume a lot of server resources. In a solution that needs to provide charts to hundreds of concurrent users, loading bulky Active-X objects into the memory puts a tremendous strain on the server and doesn’t scale well.
  • Versatile and Flexible: Do you get sleek looking animated and interactive charts? Do they offer you options like hover captions, animation patterns, hot spots and a lot more?
  • Dynamic Charts: Whenever you need to show a new chart to your visitors, you need to refresh the page and reload the entire chart. Is it sensible to make the user wait so much and reload the entire page just to refresh a chart?

Benefits of using Flash Charts Pro:

  • No Flash knowledge required: All you need to do is upload the core SWF files to the server and configure them via XML data files.
  • No Advanced programming skills required:
    With Flash Charts Pro you do not need to have advanced programming or scripting knowledge to generate visually arresting charts.
  • No installation required: Easy installation means, that you should upload FLASH file on to your website and generate a list of ingoing values.
  • No need for an Active-X or external Component: Flash Charts Pro does not need to install any external Active-X control or component to render charts. So even on those servers which do not have the components installed or do not allow installation of new components, Flash Charts Pro can run smoothly. All you need to do is upload the core SWF files to the server and configure them via XML data files.
  • Animated Charts add to aesthetics of the site: The charts made by Active-X controls or components are static GIF or JPEG files. But, the charts made by Flash Charts Pro are slick looking animated charts whose looks and additional properties can easily be customized by the data XML file.
  • Reduces Load on the Server: Flash Charts Pro reduces the load on the server to quite an extent as the processing work is done on the client-side. The client just needs to have Macromedia Flash player, which is very common nowadays. It is also shipped with the newer versions of the browsers.
  • Small Sized Component and therefore suitable for narrow bands: The file size of the component is very small and therefore it is very suitable for the narrow band connections also.
  • Compatible with many scripting languages: Flash Charts Pro is compatible with many scripting languages like ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, PHP, Perl, CGI, CF etc. As the processing is done on the client-side, it does not matter which scripting language is passing the data to the component. The component can also be customized to take data from text files and so it can work on a static server too (where text files or XML files containing data can be updated frequently).
  • Client Side Dynamic Data Changing: You can manipulate Flash Charts Pro with very few lines of client side scripts – i.e., you can build a completely new chart on the client side itself, without having to reload the page and the chart.
  • Many Additional features over other charts: Flash Charts Pro offers you a plethora of customization options like setting transparency, color themes, hotspots, hover captions etc. The best thing is that you can do most of the customizations via the data XML File itself.

Take a look at Flash Charts Pro gallery!

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