This product was discontinued on January 1st 2015, however all existing customers will continue to receive support as per their maintenance agreement.

OEM Licensing

Flash Charts Pro OEM License

We are offering OEM License for our products. If you need to re-distribute or implement Flash Charts Pro module into commercial product we are ready to offer you flexible exclusive OEM licensing program.

However we are interested in distributing our products and we understand that our customers can use them in different (commercial/non-commercial) projects, applications, software etc. That’s why we have built flexible licensing model that is suitable for anyone, who is using our products.

Our OEM Programs are designed with the following key concepts:

  • Flexible product licensing models to fit your budgets and requirements
  • Free evaluation distribution licenses for product demos
  • Priority Access to product modification/customization services
  • Special upgrade licensing – for upgrading your existing customers
  • Support programs designed to reduce integration time

At present, we offer two options for OEM Licenses (re-distribution of Flash Charts Pro):

  • Scheme 1 – Royalty Payment:

    For every copy of Flash Charts Pro that is sold with your product you pay us the stable cost (in the range $2-$40 depending on the volume and the charts that you intend to re-distribute with your application) on base of 1 Flash Charts Pro Re-distribution User Edition License.

    Accounts can be settled monthly or quarterly.

    This is the best model for developers, who are going to pay once their product is up and selling.

  • Scheme 2 – Lumpsum Payment: You can pay the stable one-time fee when you sign up an agreement for the product.

For more OEM partner information, please revert to us at (mention "Flash Charts Pro OEM License" as subject) with specifics on your application and integration requirements. We are ready to help you and work out specific license for you.

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