Major update of the Online Knowledge Base Software has been done. Its customer knowledge management and corporate knowledge management capabilities were extended to empower better knowledge management in business.

Significant Update of Online Knowledge Base Software! Knowledge Base Manager Pro v5.1 Has Been Released.

After the five months of development, testing, and careful listening to customer feedback we finally managed to release Knowledge Base Manager Pro v5.1 with a huge amount of new features, improvements, and updates. That was a really long iteration for the new version, but we honestly can say that the half of Knowledge Base Manager Pro has been changed for the better. We’re pretty sure that our current customers might not recognize this corporate knowledge management system – so many things were revised and improved! However acquaintance with the new version is not confusing because we made a number of improvements of user interface and it became ultimately user-friendly with all that hints, tips, and helps everywhere. Our current customers can already download the package of Knowledge Base Manager Pro v5.1 from their member areas.

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We have launched public demo of the new version on 8th of May. Since that time we did various tests and received positive feedback from users of the online demo. Apart from bug fixes, we also added some more features to the new version.

The option for disabling authorization at the front-end was added recently. It is extremely useful if you already have authorization in your website and don’t want to confuse your customers.

We also added the setting that allows sending of the Ask a Question form submissions to custom email address. Saving of these submissions within Knowledge Base Manager Pro can be disabled. If you’re using a ticket system for customer support, this setting can be a pipe between knowledge base and ticket system, thus creating a good symbiosis.

The whole new version development process was completely under control of our customers. You helped us to realize what functionality is the most wanted in corporate knowledge management software. Thank you! Don’t forget that you still can influence the image of next version of our knowledge management system. Vote today and get the results soon.

Here are some guidelines of how to proceed with the updated knowledge management system overview. The list of all major features and updates for the latest version is available on what’s new page. The Online Demo shows full capabilities of the knowledge base software. See the screenshots for the quick guide on the modules and functions, and user interface appearance. Take a feature tour to see the complete overview of each feature with detailed description, or browse the features list to find out that the feature you’re searching for is already included to our knowledge management and wiki software.

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