Integration with Support Systems

Integrate powerful knowledge base with the ticket system that you’re using

Knowledge base that covers vast majority of questions frequently asked by customers drastically reduces in-bound customer support and improves customer satisfaction. Customer who gets answers in time is a happy customer. Effective company uses a ticket system together with an advanced knowledge base. This approach helps your customers find answers to 90% of their questions immediately in the knowledge base. Clarifying and unusual questions form the remaining 10% of questions that customers ask your support staff directly.

Unfortunately, ticket systems rarely include convenient and versatile knowledge bases. Vast majority of existing support systems doesn’t support creation of articles with rich content, images, attachments, effective search, and especially active response system.

That’s why KnowledgeBase Manager Pro takes account of our customers’ needs and provides several levels of integration with ticket systems.

Send user questions to custom email

First basic method of integration with a ticket system allows you to specify where all questions of your customers should be sent. You can set multiple groups and users as recipients, and also specify any email address. Although it is a simple method it provides quick and powerful integration with a support system.

Option for sending questions to a custom email address

Ask Question form customization

Due to the fact that you have full control over the front-end templates you can customize the Ask Question form according to the ticket submission form of the ticket system you’re using. New ticket will be created after submission of this form by your client.

Please note that such a great feature as active response works with both ways of integration. It searches for an answer in the knowledge base while user is typing his question and possibly he would not submit it because he has found the answer immediately.

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