Installation and Configuration

If you want to save your time or you experience any problems with installation or configuration of the Form Maker Pro: Formmail and Form generator we will be pleased to perform professional installation of the script and configure your forms to meet your personal business needs and even develop the form from the scratch.

Three easy steps to begin installation process

  • Read Terms of Service
  • Fill in the Installation Request form
  • Make a prepayment [Payment Link]

Standard service price is $50 US dollars.

Terms of Service

  • Programs must be registered prior to being installed.
  • We will perform installation of the script on a UNIX (Linux, FreeBSD etc.) and Windows servers.

Standard service fee is $50 per script installation and one form configuration . Most installations require only standard service fee, however some may require more. It depends on your needs and requirements. Every additional hour above standard service hours will be charged at $20 per hour. If we need to go over standard service fee, you will be contacted before we continue.

Installation Request form

You’ll notice that the form is long enough and requires a lot of information. Questions on this form were compiled to help reduce the amount of time required to install the program and thus reduce the cost of installation. If you have trouble answering any of the questions below, please contact your server administrator and/or refer to your web host’s help files.

* – required fields

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