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Over 5,000 clients have been using Form Maker Pro to gather information from their web site visitors, customers, employees etc.

General features of Form Maker Pro

  • Create web forms without programming knowledge
    • Form Maker Pro brings you the power of web technologies. Using its intuitive interface you will be able to create and customize web forms as if you knew HTML, Java Script, and CSS.
  • WYSIWYG form editor (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get)
    • Create web forms with Form Maker Pro form editor, and you will have full control over forms layout and design.
  • Advanced Form Processor functionality
    • Professional form processor functions set Form Maker Pro apart from other form generator products. Once you create and customize web forms, you set form processing and data storage options without leaving friendly visual interface.
  • Operations on groups
    • Maximum comfort when working with multiple sites, forms and logs, since standard operations can be applied to a group of elements.
  • Secure and reliable
    • The Form Maker Pro application will run from your server, therefore it will not depend on third party web sites or services. Also, Form Maker Pro can work via SSL protocol providing high security of data transmission.

Form Design and Form Editing features

  • Visual form editor
    • Form Maker Pro contains a visual tool to create web forms, set up and modify field settings, enter formatted text, insert pictures, split text to columns and more.
  • Create any web forms
    • Using Form Maker Pro visual form editor, you can easily create web forms for any purpose: from feedback and contact forms, to evaluation forms, multi-page online applications, surveys and order forms with math calculations.
  • Set Required Fields
    • Use Form Maker Pro to set required form fields quickly. Any text fields, radio buttons, drop-down and multiple select fields can be configured as ‘required’.
  • Automatically generated Preview Page
    • A web form can be configured to display a preview page, which contains all form data grouped by form pages, and total values of all calculations. When a preview page is displayed, a web visitor can review and confirm data submission, or cancel it.
  • Automatic form uploading
    • Use Form Maker Pro to create and set up web forms with a few clicks, skipping time consuming operations with FTP. Web forms are being automatically uploaded to the web site where Form Maker Pro is installed. Anytime later you can move those forms to another URL (available in Business License and higher).
  • Create web forms from presets
    • Create forms using available presets that include email templates, log templates, ‘preview’ page and ‘thank you’ page. The presets are designed to implement the common form tasks, such as feedback form, order form or a shopping cart. Prior to creating a preset form, you can preview it and make necessary changes.
  • Edit group of web forms at one time
    • Form Maker Pro allows operations to be performed on a group of forms. It includes editing background color of selected forms, style of form title, form text, form borders and more. Without manual CSS editing, you will be able to create forms that fit your web site design. Dynamic preview is available for all changes.
  • Multiple Page Forms
    • From Maker Pro allows changing succession of pages in a multi-page forms. In addition, multi-page forms can be configured to save or email data upon a certain number of accomplished steps.
  • Automatic web site name validation
    • When you are adding your web site name to Form Maker Pro, it checks if the site name exists. If this domain name is inactive, a corresponding message will be shown, preventing possible errors in the future.
  • Support of forms created with other software products
    • Form Maker Pro allows you to adopt web forms created in Macromedia Dreamweaver, Microsoft Frontpage and many other html and form editors.
  • Environment Variables
    • Form Maker Pro allows to store the following common environmental data: date and time of the submission, visitor’s IP address, visitor’s host name, referring page name, and many other.
  • Informative Reports
    • Comprehensive reports contain statistics on quantity of web sites, web forms, and data logs in Data Storage. In addition you will be able to see number of pages in web forms, ‘preview’ and ‘thank you’ pages, as well as the number of email templates and log templates.
  • Success page / ‘Thank you’ page and redirect
    • Configure From Maker Pro to display success page (‘thank you’ page) upon successful form submission or redirect a web visitor to a web page of your choice. You can edit text, design and formatting of success page in your favorite html editor, as well as create one with help of Form Maker Pro’s built-in visual html editor.
  • Ability to create online order forms and online subscription forms

Form Processing and Data Storage

  • Data Storage and MySQL support
    • By default, Form Maker Pro stores all information in MySQL database. In addition, Form Maker Pro provides access to Data Storage, a powerful center for data management. Information the users submit using web forms can be displayed in logs, which are grouped by web sites and forms. List of Data Storage features include filters, sorting, advanced search, export selected data to CSV format, operation with groups, adding comments to each form submission.
  • File Attachments
    • You can allow web site visitors to attach files along with data submission. Very useful for RFP forms (request for proposal) and many other business uses. In addition, Form Maker Pro allows to configure predefined file attachments.
  • Multiple Email sending
    • Using easily configurable email templates, you can specify Form Maker Pro to send selected form data to any number of emails. Supports CC and BCC sending.
  • HTML and Plain text emails supported
    • Using email templates you can easily choose format of email messages: HTML or plain text.
  • Remote web forms processing
    • Using integrated form processor module, Form Maker Pro allows processing remote web forms, i.e. web forms located on other web sites (available in Business License version and higher).
  • Intelligent Data verification
    • During each form submission Form Maker Pro automatically performs data verification. First, it checks if all required form fields are filled. Second, it verifies if form fields data meet predefined format. It is important that data check and verification does not require reloading web page, consequently no data is lost. When there occurs any discrepancy, web visitor will be shown instructions.
  • Configure "stop processing this form by" date
    • Form Maker Pro allows to set up a deadline date for submissions, when it will stop processing selected form(s).
  • Choose to allow unique form submissions only
    • In web form preferences you can check the box to restrict data submissions to one submission for each unique IP address, so a visitor of your web site will be allowed to fill the form only once.
  • Security plus email harvesting protection
    • You can specify what forms & sites are allowed to use the script, and the stored email addresses are not reachable for the email harvesting spambots.
  • Easy email templates creating
    • Ability to create email templates using presets for auto responders and notifications. Preset email templates have a dynamic data set, and you won’t need to do any changes when you modify your form. For the non-preset templates, you don’t have to learn by heart the form fields, type of data, variables etc., because all necessary values are accessible on the template editing page.
  • Return Input to visitor
    • Control over fully customizable templates, see templates feature.

Tech Support for Form Maker Pro users

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