Popular form mail script update. WSS releases new version of the email form script.

Popular Form Processing Script Release: Form Processor Pro v5.3.5 Comes Out

Today we are releasing a new update of popular email form script – Form Processor Pro v5.3.5. This form mail script includes lots of must have features already and it is really hard to invent something new. Luckily, our clients manage to suggest something new from time to time and this gives us a great insight for new versions.

New update of our email form script includes several new features and fixes. New packages are already available for download at the member area.

eWay Payment Gateway Integration

Form Processor Pro supports integration with 2Checkout, PayPal, and LinkPoint payment gateways for long years. New version features integration with eWay payment gateway as well.

eWAY is a leading international payment gateway. Form Processor Pro supports eWAYs Australian, UK and New Zealand payment gateway solutions. eWAY is linked to all major banks in Australia, the UK and New Zealand giving merchants the perfect solution to meet their business needs. eWAYs aim is to help grow businesses online by providing merchants with advanced payment technologies, unbeatable network uptime and customer service.

 To grow your business online with eWAY visit www.eWAY.com.au, www.eWAY.co.uk, or www.eWAY.co.nz

Enable or disable form activity on certain periods of month

You can map a pattern for form availability on certain days of month. Patterns can be of any level complexity, like "form is available from first Monday through third Friday and from last Tuesday through last Friday". This feature would come in handy when you create a tickets ordering form.

Round and floor functions

Two more math functions have been added. Now you can round field value to the nearest integer or floor it to the nearest integer that is lesser than the field value.

Conditional http_request action

The http_request action is the implementation of API interface. We use it for passing submitted data from Form Processor Pro to another script. Now it is possible to specify a condition that will decide if we need to call that script or not basing on user input.

Character minimum limit

There has been already validation that checked if field is not longer that given amount of characters. Now it is also possible to force user to enter certain minimum amount of symbols.

Confirmation email sending

It is now possible to ask user to confirm his email before submitted data will be sent. Basically email confirmation consists from these steps: user submits a form, he gets an email with a confirmation link, he clicks the link, and data is sent you. This feature allows you to obtain 100%-valid email from customer, so you can easily contact him back.

Translation to German

One of our customers generously contributed translation of Form Processor Pro interface and messages to German. Language file is included to the package.

Read the overview of Form Processor Pro if you’re new to this.

There is also an extensive features list for this form processing script.

Current customers can upgrade Form Processor Pro right now as long as they have active support subscription.

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