Scheduled Publishing

Manage article visibility according to date

Article Lifetime in Online Knowledge Base Software

Each article may have its publication date and/or expiration date. This might be necessary for some time-related articles that should be posted or hidden on a certain day.

Publication and Hiding dates for article in Web Based Knowledge Base Software

Publication status can also be maintained manually. It is common for each article to be hidden while users working on it and do not want to show the results until finished. To keep incomplete article away from visitors’ eyes you just need to hide it by removing “Published” checkbox from article settings, or just click on article status within grid.

Quick Change of Article Status in Questions and Answers Software

Non-authorized visitors do not see non-published articles, however if you’ll log in to the front-end, you will see these articles among others. It is easy to complete them and publish at any moment.

Published and Hidden Articles within the tree for user logged in to Enterprise Wiki Software
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