We have released a brand new version of our Knowledge Base Software. Knowledgebase Manager Pro v6.1 addresses issues found since the previous release and includes several improvements as well as some new features.

WSS Knowledge Base Software Update: Knowledgebase Manager Pro v6.1 Has Been Released

We are happy to announce the release of Knowledgebase Manager Pro v6.1. This update addresses issues found since the previous release and includes several improvements as well as some new features.

Packages for a fresh installation and update packages are now available. Customers of the hosted version do not need to take any actions about this – hosted knowledge bases will be updated automatically in 7 business days.

Here is a short-list of the new features and improvements:

  • It is now displayed how many times each user logged in to the system and the latest login date.
  • We have improved captcha image format. It has much more resistance against automated submissions by robots now and we managed to keep it readable by humans.
  • We have added ability to use article author’s name, login, and email in the email subscription templates.
  • It is now possible to import Client users from LDAP as well as Staff users.
  • A notification is sent now to subscribers if an existing article has been published (previously it was only sent upon article creation).
  • Info window with details on number of users supported by current license has been made more elaborative.
  • Public users (those who are not logged in) can add articles to favorites. When user logs in, his favorites list is synched with favorite articles added before the login.
  • We added a separate permission that defines if user can change article and category restrictions.
  • Installation package has been optimized. Installation process takes 3-4 times less time in average.
  • Zend library installed as a part of PEAR library on the server doesn’t longer interfere with the library built-in to KMP.
  • Time zone settings are now applied to RSS feeds.
  • Added support for alternative database ports.

Learn more about new fancy features and improvements.

Solution Found for the Firefox Crashing Issue

If you’re using Firefox, you might have noticed that recently it started crashing when you go to Articles & Categories page in the Admin area. This is a bug of Firefox and it has been introduced in its 10 version. It has been fixed in the alpha of Firefox v12 already and we hope that it will be available soon. For now you can apply a workaround to keep using Firefox with Knowledgebase Manager Pro.

Aren’t using Knowledgebase Manager Pro yet? Try it now!

Try Online Demo of Knowledgebase Manager Pro v6.1. All existing demo accounts have been upgraded to the latest version.

If you already own this product, we highly recommend you to update at your earlier convenience. It is a good idea to keep your software always up to date! Please read the update instructions carefully, first and do not forget about backups! They help to save your time, data, and nerves!

Don’y be shy, leave a comment below and tell us how you feel about this release. We would really appreciate this!

  • ghamm
  • EdwardN
    Thank you, Ghamm!
  • http://www.proprofs.com/ Jason Grills
    This updates looks promising! I am using ProProfs Knowledgebase which allows me to set conditions on specific pieces of content.Do you have this feature in this update of yours?Also, is there a possibility of integrating it with a community or a forum?? One of my acquaintance came across your knowledge base but he isn’t sure as he has never used it before.Thanks in advance!
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