WSS Knowledge Base Software Updated – Maintenance Version 5.2.1 Released

The day has come. It is time for a routine update of Knowledgebase Manager Pro. The v5.2.1 mostly includes fixes, improvements of present functionality, and several new features. Knowledgebase Manager Pro v5.2.1 installation and update packages are now available for download.

New Features of The Knowledge Base

New version includes installation API (Advanced Programming Interface). It is based on XML-RPC standard and can be used by web hosting companies, partners or ISPs to perform remote installations.

Package structure of knowledge base software has been changed. Package now also includes sample scripts for installation via API, and readme file with description of package contents, links to help articles, and product version.

Option for search in subcategories has been added to both front-end and back-end advanced search. This option helps to get better expected and more accurate search results when user selects one category only that contains subcategories by-turn and then expects to see results from these subcategories as well.

Search in subcategories. Backend. Knowledge base software.

It is now possible to arrange simple workflow scheme by making two groups in KMP, for example Authors and Editors. Authors create new articles that need approval by an Editor before being published. Authors don’t have permission to publish articles, but they can add and edit articles.

Publish permission in knowledge base software.

Editors have permissions to publish articles. They check what Authors have created and decide whether to publish that.

Article approval process in knowledge base software.

There is spell check button on WYSIWYG toolbar now. By clicking on it user gets an advice that his browser probably has spell check function already. Referenced spell checking guide helps to enable or install spell check function in every browser.

Spell check in knowledge base software.

There is great news for customers from Germany. Full German translation of UI is now available and included to the package.

Try it now!

Try Online Demo of Knowledgebase Manager Pro v5.2.1 now.

Login to the Knowledgebase Manager Pro control panel and launch update wizard if you already own this product.

If you would like to install a fresh copy, you can download it from your member area.

We have started development of the next version of our knowledge base software, so it is time to visit our Ideas Lab and submit a new feature or vote for existing suggestion.

  • Goodguy
    Fascinating! Stability and performance of your knowledge base software pleasantly surprises me… they are much better with every new version.
  • Roie
    Great work and smooth install. Thanks
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